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    - Jul 1st, '03

    Jon Hates Idiots

    Part of an email exchange in which I expressed the opinion that people who are convinced there is a government conspiracy to hide the evidence Diet Coke causes brain tumors are idiots:

    "Everyone apparently is an idiot..."

    Many people are. Including you. I'm sorry about that. But sooner or later you will need to come to grips with it.

    I've spent lots of time researching the levels of methanol in Diet coke, and the medical research involving methanol toxicity. I'm certainly not a toxicologist, but feel confident in stating that methanol poisoning from Diet Coke is not worth worrying about.

    I've also spent a great deal of time running down other pet theories for why Aspartame might cause health problems. Some are marginally plausible, as is the concern that it might cause brain tumors. But at the end of the day we are left with the fact that it doesn't cause brain tumors. People have been consuming Aspartame for 30 years. Where are the brain tumors? Or are these magical brain tumors which vanish as soon as they get near a doctor or toxicologist?

    And yes, I know about the Hayes panel. But the government and other governing bodies reverse themselves on medical and health issues all the time. The most prominent item of this type this year is the new advisories on hormone replacement therapy. This happens all the time, and while it is troubling, it is also expected when dealing with such issues. I neither know nor care about some political silliness that happened with one panel which investigated Aspartame. I'm sorry it's confusing to you, but this is just the way things get done. If there were evidence that Aspartame's approval needed to be reversed, it would be reversed. Just as has happened to many other food additives.

    Can you think of other food additives that have been removed from the market? Were these approved by the government and financed by corporate interests? Your conspiracy and cover up rely on a system which we don't see if we look at other substances.

    There is no conspiracy here, it just gives your life meaning to think there is. We don't need to cherry pick evidence to prove it causes health problems if those health problems don't exist.

    "You are obviously a very egocentric individual..."

    Well duh. How long did it take you to figure that out Sparky? But why shouldn't I be? Not only am I smarter than most people, I'm also happier, more active, and more diverse.

    I did my research. If I thought Aspartame was hurting people I'd be the first person to say so.

    "This product is simply crap..."

    Again with the iconoclastic hyperbole. If it were simple we wouldn't be having this discussion. It's obviously a complicated issue. We've both done our research. You prefer to believe in a conspiracy of silence which stretches from government to public institutions. I prefer to trust in the oversight abilities of a broad range of government bodies, public heath organizations, and consumer advocacy groups.



    Jon's research actually reassures me vis-a-vis my addiction to Diet Coke.. I've also heard various silly theories over the years about Diet Coke (including one about the syrup spilling out of a container in London and eating through a concrete floor) and am glad to see somebody (Jon) has actually done the research and has dismissed many of the silly ideas ... my only problem with Diet Coke is that I find it hard to give it up (which is probably more of a caffeine issue than an Aspertame issue)... I tend not to believe in government conspiracies anyway as it requires too many people to be competent (not necessarily true in the government) and to keep their mouths shut... Keep up your egocentric website Jon.. I've never met you and I enjoy stopping by your website now and then and reading -- even though I don't always agree with you (Gasp!!!)

    Some of the concerns about it causing brain tumors is worthy of a tiny pinch of attention. This has been alleged by several people, and I've never found anything that adequately addresses it. But the trouble with addressing it is that you are trying to prove a negative - "Please prove Diet Coke doesn't cause brain tumors." It can't be done. Especially when the people asking are convinced there is a conspiracy. For me the issue is resolved in two ways: 1) If Aspartame caused brain tumors (or other health problems) we would have seen them skyrocket over the last 30 years, and that hasn't happened. 2) If the National Cancer Society isn't concerned I don't see why I should be. I regularly get email along the lines of, "You might be healthy now, but boy are you going to be sorry when you start getting health problems as you get older. Stop now before it's too late." Which of course ignores the fact the we all develop health problems as we get older, Diet Coke or not.

    "Can you think of other food additives that have been removed from the market?" The evil red dye MnMs!!! Which I can't find on Snopes, dangit. But when I was a lil one I heard that the reason the red ones were taken out of the package was that they found the red dye caused cancer. Which of course was completely true, right? Heh. Actually there were problems with red food dye, so who knows... I can't believe Snopes doesn't have this one. It came out at about the same time as the Pop Rocks story, I think. But I'm not hallucinating - it's mentioned here and here - I'm going to have to blog about this... "How long did it take you to figure that out Sparky?" For some reason people really hate to be called Sparky. And Little Camper. Wonder why this is? "worthy of a tiny pinch of attention" How is this measured? Is that more than a smidge or a dollop? And do I get the pinch back once I've given the attention? I mean, I just can't go frittering away my attention like that, it's precious and I need all I have...

    "I mean, I just can't go frittering away my attention like that, it's precious and I need all I have..." Especially when you are looking for ways to AVOID PACKING!!!! The red dye thing isn't on Snopes because its both true and well known. The food additive was found safe, then found not safe, so it was taken off the market. The loonies see one study that says it might cause cancer, then they ignore the 6 studies that say it doesn't, then insist that we need more studies proving that it does.

    I am NOT avoiding packing - I was up til 3 working on that, thank you. Plus I don't have to LOOK for ways - these things just come to me. Meanwhile Snopes has lots of stories that are actually true, though people question whether they are urban legends. I think I just need to email them and remind them they didn't get around to the M&Ms. In other exciting news I've culled my rock collection! I only have two small boxes now, not five! Great, huh? And I got rid of a huge chunk of marble collection that I used for crafts. I'm very pleased. *giggle* And yes, I've done more than just that. Heh.

    I think you are a cutie.

    *irritated sigh* No no, fierce and enigmatic!!! I thought I had you convinced of this...

    "Well duh. How long did it take you to figure that out Sparky? But why shouldn't I be? Not only am I smarter than most people, I'm also happier, more active, and more diverse." I love Jon Sullivan. Very sincerely.

    i feel a lot better after giving up cola drinks .....full stop [started on diet crap after tooth decay] regardless if methanol levels are so low that dont damage you`re health ??? says whom.... methanol is indisbutably poisonous. water [despite chlorine & flouride in domestic supplies] is not [ we`re 90 % water if you believe science] so drink it , not diet or sugar based cola !!!! end of arguement. to those whom continue drinking this s**t , remember litigation wont bring you`re sorry a*se back . god bless american lawyers [NOT !!]
    Posted by A BELIEVER at 5:08 AM EST on Feb 21st, '04

    Well duh. How long did it take you to figure that out Sparky? But why shouldn't I be? Not only am I smarter than most people, I'm also happier, more active, and more diverse."

    Your smart?

    My mother drank diet coke since it came out it seems like. She drank it through 6 pregnancies. And none of us are retarted or slow. My little sister has epilepsy but that didn't even happen until after she was 10 years old. My mom now drinks like a 2 liter every single day of diet coke. She is 43 years old and 106 pounds with 8% body fat. She has excellent health. She is addicted to diet coke but she like I said she is in excellent health. She's a 43 year old that looks like shes 30! Isn't being addicted to an additive better than smoking? Why don't you people complain about tabacco instead of freakin aspartame!!!

    i was looking if theres caffine in come with lime..... and ended up here well this is better than findin out if i can drink a bunch of cokes in 4 in the morning nice disclaimer 2 qoute JonSullivan.com is not responsible for your own dumb ass. For best results, don't be a dumb ass. end qoute lol

    p.s. diet cherry dotor pepper is better anyway

    this blog is so good and helpful.you discus some good points which are help us to prove health..
    thanks for taking time to discus this topic..

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