"There is one safeguard which is an advantage and security to all,
but especially to democracies as against despots. What is it? Distrust." - Demosthenes
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    - Aug 26th, '00

    Since I get so much traffic on my Diet Coke page (it's the most visited page here), I frequently get emails from the lunatic fringe patiently explaining to me how dangerous Aspartame is. Just so you all know my stand on this issue: My opinion is that these folks are spastic wackos.

    For those who don't spend as much time with the Diet Coke subculture as I do, the alarmist's theory (one of them anyway) is that Aspartame (the sweetener in Diet Coke) releases methanol in the body which is then converted to formaldehyde. This then spreads through out the body and causes cancer and other nasty things. What nasty things you might ask? Here's the official wacko list:

    headaches, joint pain, spasms, cramps, poor memory, depression, mania, insomnia, dizziness, slurred speech, ringing in ears, sexual problems, nausea, seizures, poor vision, rashes, burning eyes, mouth sores, hair loss, obesity, bloating, racing heart, high blood pressure, erratic blood sugar levels, birth defects, and brain cancers.

    I actually trimmed the list a bit to eliminate redundancies. Apparently drinking Diet Coke causes most of the bad things that might happen to a person. Worse than tobacco. Worse than alcohol.

    According to these loons, if you drink Diet Coke you will eventually be reduced to a twitching, nauseous, impotant, basket case. Then you'll die of brain cancer.

    Gee.... Aspartame's been around for a long time (30 years). Why aren't we all dropping dead? BECAUSE IT'S BULLSHIT YOU LOSERS!!!! I just love the way these wackos latch on to a piece of evidence and then run with it, leaving context, other evidence, and all common sense behind.

    A cup of tomato juice provides about six times more methanol than a cup of an aspartame sweetened soft drink. So if you drink four cans of soda a day you get the same amount.

    The typical response to this is that some people drink several liters of soda everyday. We must save these people! These poor people who are consuming toxic levels of soda pop.

    According to the FDA you would have to drink between about 240 to 600 liters (about 675 to 1,690 cans) of an aspartame-sweetened soft drink at one sitting to reach the toxic level. So, as a safety measure, try to limit yourself to 200 or 300 cans a day alright?

    So on the one side we have the FDA, the American Medical Association, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, all saying that Aspartame is safe. On the other side we have some loons in need of attention. Hmmm.... Who do I trust. Hmmm.... pass the Diet Coke. In fact pass me 20 liters of Diet Coke, I'm a bit thirsty.



    You are too funny! I got an email the other day saying how terrible Diet Coke is because of the Aspartame so I tried to find something on the web about it. This led me to your site. I feel much better now and I'll continue drinking the glass of Diet Coke sitting here on my desk. Thanks! :)

    As a side note, I can't believe all the BS that goes around on e-mail and how gullible people can be sometimes. Amazing!

    You would be amazed at some of the convoluted scenarios these alarmists have sent me. Some of them run for several pages. You won't have any trouble finding evidence that formaldehyde or methanol are dangerous in large doses. So they jump from that to diet soda = cancer.

    When you run the numbers they always fall back on the "if I only save one life it's worth it" speech. When you point out that the same reasoning would lead to banning cows milk they accuse me of exaggerating.

    I guess some people just need a crusade.

    Your comments on aspartame are rather cavalier in light of the other information I've read. That methanol turns into formic acid and is a neurotoxin. That the chemicals are accumulative. How do you answer these points and do you have any affiliation with the soft drink industry? Thanks
    Posted by S. Carrel at 8:24 AM EST on Apr 19th, '01

    I answer these points by suggesting you read more trusted sources of information. It's not "cavalier" if I've spent lots of time tracking down information. I get asked this over and over again. I wanted to make sure I had my facts right.

    If you only hear one side of the argument it sounds rather scary. Try to look at both sides of the issue. Then make up your own mind. We have many fringe elements who are pulling information from various studies and formulating their theories. But what about organizations whose sole purpose is to study things like this?. Folks like:

    The FDA

    American Dietetic Association

    Centers for Disease Control

    International Food Information Council Foundation

    American Diabetes Association

    These groups have seen all the research and they say Aspartame is safe.

    The fact is that people have been drinking and eating Aspartame for 30 years. With all the things that have been proven to cause health problems, why are people fixating on something that has been proven *not* to? keep in mind that ANYONE can put up a webpage about the health dangers of ANYTHING. Why would you trust these pages? Where does their authority come from? Who oversees their conclusions? I certainly don't trust them.

    No, I have no relationship with the soft drink or sweetener industry. I'm a web programmer in San Diego.

    I think that this article is absolutely 100% correct - People have this opinion about aspartame and it sucks. If they would only open 'n can of Coke Light and experience it - they will then too become firm believers that there is only one drink. I can not go through a day without it. Keep up the good work - forget about the losers - who needs them?!?!?

    I haven't read up on the dangers of aspartame simply because I think diet coke (any diet drink for that matter) simply tastes gross!! I don't know how you people can drink it!

    Is there anything wrong with drinking, say, 20 bottles of diet coke a day? Would I be able to substitue water with diet coke if I wanted to without any health risks?

    I'm not a doctor, so I really have no idea. But it seems like drinking 20 liters of anything would be bad for you. Even that much water would probably screw with your electrolyte balance and kill you.

    I think the phosphoric acid and carbonation would probably also cause problems. [shrug] Beats me. Let me know how it turns out.

    It turned out quite nicely, the only side effect is that I have the urge to lick stuff, especially trees and lambs. Well, thanks for your response.

    I thank you for that web site i have been arguing with this lady that i work with about diet coke for 2 days telling her that it can't be that bad because it is still on the market. she said all those things but she must not have read about how many cans you have to drink a day to get that way thank you again.

    Here's another study from MIT about the safety of Aspartame.

    you are a loser whacko dumbass who is a fucking idiot
    Posted by kyke shirk at 1:09 PM EST on May 21st, '01

    you are all losers all of you shut up now you all shut up you loser psychotic freaks you all should die
    Posted by eric rosburg at 1:12 PM EST on May 21st, '01

    "you are a loser whacko dumbass who is a fucking idiot" Hmmm..... That's something I find very questionable and unsubstantiated. I think most people would disagree with your opinion. Perhaps your could explain your reasoning behind that spirited assertion? "shut up you loser psychotic freaks you all should die" I'm afraid that's an idea I just can't support in any way. Free speech is a very good thing, and I think it would be futile for you to have killed everyone who disagreed with you. But thanks for sharing. Always good to hear dissenting opinions.

    In response to many who are reporting alergic reactions to Diet Coke - The FDA has shown that no one is alergic to it, but warns that persons with certain medical conditions should avoid aspartame:
    "Carefully controlled clinical studies show that aspartame is not an allergen. However, certain people with the genetic disease phenylketonuria (PKU), those with advanced liver disease, and pregnant women with hyperphenylalanine (high levels of phenylalanine in blood) have a problem with aspartame because they do not effectively metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine, one of aspartame's components." However PKU is rare, and you would also have the same symptoms from foods such as meat, fish, poultry, cheese, eggs and cakes and bread made with ordinary flour.

    About Diet Coke: Coming from a former bio/Org. chem student; about Aspartame & methanol (note: I am not a doctor): 1. If Aspartame is converted to methanol. I don't know about that. But if it does happen: If you have toxic amount of methanol in your body, you'd go blind first before it even gets to do the other bad long-term side effects. 2. A similar alcohol, ethanol, from beer/wine/whisky/whatever is first converted to acetaldehyde (a nasty cousin to formaldehyde. This causes hangovers) before finally converted to acetic acid (vinegar). The point is, if aspartame does produce methanol, then note that all biochemistry student worth his salt knows methanol and ethanol are poisons. The question is of course, "How much of either types of alcohol is manageable by your liver?" On the other hand, if you do have liver disease, perhaps it's good to lay off Diet Coke or most other synthetic chemicals. A friend of mine, a USC-graduate pharmacist, swears off all soft drinks for health reason (not because he's allergic). So these people might have a point too. Of course I'm biased: I only drink non-diet colas. Hate the after-taste of diet colas.
    Posted by Tim Suatan at 4:09 AM EST on May 31st, '01

    I laughed my ass-off (not really, if I could laugh my ass-off I would not have to drink diet soda. I was a 8 bottle of mt.dew drinker, I had to get off the stuff, I tried Diet coke, and Like MT. dew I am totally addicted, but its better for me vice all the sugar etc. etc. etc.. My husband, when he saw me drinking diet coke instantly flew into the "brain legion" story around phenylalanine, I just rolled my eyes, (bless his heart for caring), but after reading tons and I mean tons of information, I cant find a thing to substantiate drinking diet soda as being bad. So as per you article, I looked at the facts, reg soda = sugar, caffeine, BIG Hips, and diet soda = getting use to the little after taste, (took me 1/2 of a bottle to get use to it) and caffine. But as you said in one of your responses, I will try to limit myself to 200 cans a day. Thanks for the giggle. and since I have stoped drinking the hard soda, I have lost 10 lbs :-)~
    Posted by Patty at 1:26 AM EST on Jun 7th, '01

    my hips are weak small, etc?

    Of course the FDA say so, its in their interest since they profit from it. Yours, an english wacko who know a lot more than you do. PS apart from anything else, devoting a part of your webpage to diet coke must surely make you the saddest little wanker on earth.

    The FDA is a government agency. Everyone there is on salary. How could they possibly "profit"??? And since you know more than I do, I'm hoping you'll present your evidence instead of just popping in to call people names.

    So you might think they are gullible, but the questions about aspartame are important enough for a number of major airlines to forbid the consumption of aspartame for pilots during and before flights. Personally, I identified aspartame as a source of major headaches every single time that I eat a small quantity. It might not be enough to raise the alarm, but further testing should be made to establish its effects on the body.
    Posted by Patrick at 10:51 PM EST on Jul 2nd, '01

    Wonder why Diet Coke is the target? Aspartame is used in all of the diet drinks, so what's the focused fuss? I'm in the "can't stand the aftertaste" camp, so I put up with sugar, or go for a gin and tonic (for malaria prevention, you know). My bride is an addict however; she needs her caffeine free diet coke or there's trouble. If that little Pepsi kid ever shows up, she'll be toast...
    Posted by Goodyear Walker at 3:50 PM EST on Jul 5th, '01

    I've read the bad stuff about aspartame, mainly because a friend of mine did a HA essay on it, and the dangers associated with it. I have to say, I'm with all the "wackos" and say its a pretty massive thing. Apparently when products get too heated they release the toxins, and thats why some soldiers in the Gulf Way died from drinking Diet Coke. Of course, this is only from what I've read, but hey, its an opinion. You seem to be very hypocritical when you say look at it from both sides, because you only talk about people who would back it up, why don't you add the Nutra Sweet's opinion, I'm sure theirs would be fair and unbiased.

    Great Rebuttal. I too am addicted to Diet Coke. It is the least of my present addictions however, having put away all the illegal ones some years ago. So why are these people trying to save me from Diet Coke, when they are the ones spending egregious sums on "holistic" "natural" cures, additives, elixers, etc? I'll take my poison from a well-known reliable corporation with a reasonable pricing policy. Thanks for a good laugh.
    Posted by edhalsell at 9:27 PM EST on Jul 17th, '01

    Even if it would kill me... I'd still drink Diet Coke, Diet Coke rules!!!!!!!
    Posted by Dutch bwoy at 5:06 PM EST on Jul 25th, '01

    Whoaa... all this talk about diet coke has me scared... I was just searching for a way to get coupons for diet coke but after reading what I see here at your website maybe I'll just pass... Don't believe just because it's been there for 30 years, da da da da da... Look at what's been cracked through the dental industry right now... silver fillings are mostly made of mercury, amalgon (sp?). Would you put the material of a battery in your teeth if you knew it. It's been around for years and years and it's only now that people are realizing that it's causing problems. So, my point is that just because aspartame has been around doesn't mean that it hasn't caused any trouble. It'll all come out in the wash. Meanwhile I'm buying stock in diet coke cause there are enough of you nuts that will buy and drink it no matter what.
    Posted by Slippery Suds at 1:33 PM EST on Aug 16th, '01

    *My* point is that all of the studies have shown it to be safe. Using your logic I should also avoid consuming *everything* that's been produced in the last 30 years.

    I consume more Diet Coke in a day than your average addict. Probably someone should settle this issue by autopsies of heavy Diet Coke consumers. I actually read the book "Excitotoxins" which doesn't focus on methanol, etc.. but on glutamate and neurotransmitters. It is the only book I found addressing aspartame in such a manner. The author actually referred to some research done in 1901. In his defense he did refer to some unknown factors and did not condemn absolutely aspartame. But why isn't any research following this approach? Why only one? Scientists usually jump on a good discovery. I do believe the majority of our population hear something and if it fits their "magical" thinking then it is absolute--failing of course or not wanting to take the time to research something that actually creates their lifestyles...i.e. avoid anything non-organic, sugar causes hyperactivity (bull) etc. I feel that our population has evolved into crybabies. "I'm dizzy, I ache, I can't sleep" - all due to something external or something ingested. Could the early use of recreational drugs have permanently caused changes in an individual system? How about breathing polluted air? How about lack of exercise? Aren't we all living longer? Cancer, Alzheimer, dementia...if you get old something will get you, unless of course you quit aspartame. Well, I'll just get my bottle of wine and think some more about this.

    Wow! What a debate. I think now that I've done a little research on this, I'll stop. Iam afraid that the more research I do, I'll just get more confused. How about some good old common sense? How about following your "gut feeling"? We have intuitive abilities for our own protection! We spend too much time trying to figure everything out in our minds when we could just listen to our heart. Ohhhhhh.... Did I say listen to your heart? Yep! It's usually right when used with good old fashioned common sense! To all of you researchers out there, go for it. I'll enjoy reading your findings on this issue. For me, I'll enjoy my Diet Coke in moderation. (a couple of times a week, not every day) To those of you that get on here to call people names and tell people that they "all should die" , you need to WAKE UP! You sound ridiculous! Go read a book or volunteer at a childrens shelter or something. Get some therapy so you can straighten your head out and contribute to society in a positive way. Us responsible, level headed tax payers don't care to pay for your ass to sit in prison because with that attitude, you'll probably end up there if you don't get some help. To the rest of you, here's to our good health; and our Diet Coke, in moderation of course.
    Posted by Angela Erickson at 2:07 AM EST on Aug 27th, '01

    Well I am only at 4 lit. a day so I guess after reading your artical I guess I should be in the clear*L*..... Great site and maybe those people who spent the time doing the junk research and finding all those faults,,,Should have taken a walk or better yet had a DIET COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well take care thanks for your time .............Theresa(diet coke nut)
    Posted by Theresa Isley at 12:37 PM EST on Aug 29th, '01

    You are so right about all that stuff! I am 13 yrs old, but I definitely agree with all that. I was doing a search for science fair and found your site. Now I think I am going to change my project idea. Thanx!
    Posted by Roseanne at 6:21 PM EST on Sep 5th, '01

    Thanks, I listened to a woman last night at a friends place who was critiquing me for drinking Diet Coke. (I have been for years despite all its evil and I'm fine)She told me that in the dental office they have all kinds of medical reports condemning it and drinkers of it. I don't' drink Coffee or teas Diet Coke is my caffeine fix of the day. I went looking for all this medical mumbo jumbo this morning to read the alleged reports and found your sire instead. I think I'll stop looking. C
    Posted by Carol at 6:04 AM EST on Oct 10th, '01

    Can you gain weight from Deit pop?
    Posted by William Lea at 8:35 PM EST on Dec 9th, '01

    I haven't researched that issue, but I don't see how. Of course there would have to be lots of factors involved. So if you drink lots of diet soda and eat chips and donuts with it then you probably would get fat, but I don't think it would have any thing to do with the soda.
    Posted by Jon Sullivan at 8:35 PM EST on Dec 9th, '01

    I adore diet coke, but growing up at my mother's knee, it was absolutely forbidden. like your 'wackos' my mom believed wholeheartedly that diet coke was poison. but when i got to college, i was finally free to drink as much of it as i wanted! and you know what? a couple of months ago my mom came to visit me, and at lunch i ordered a diet coke right in front of her. just as she was about to start clucking her tongue, i reminded her that she was eating a huge greasy salty slice of pizza smothered in bacon and sausage, while I was enjoying a salad. i told her that while the tests on diet coke were by no means conclusive, the results of eating greasy, salty, fatty food were obvious... heart attack city! so i asserted that unless she was going to eat completely healthily, she had no right to mock my DC drinking. So for all of the diet coke drinkers out there, stand up for your right to drink it! that's all

    Very entertaining site, and lots of info too. Can you tell me if there is any truth that diet coke leaches calcium from the bones, or that it causes cellulite, which is what I have been told.
    Posted by Carol at 11:15 PM EST on Jan 5th, '02

    Neither of these are true.

    Nice one Jon! I hope you're right because I find I can't go through the day without a can or two of DC. I take it I'm addicted to the caffeine, it's weird, I'll feel kind of empty and unenergised until that first sip and then I feel like Asterix once he's had a sip of his magic potion... may be this is a little psychological but just that first sip immediately makes a difference. I can concentrate more, I'm more alert, etc. As I read this site I'm trying to stop drinking the stuff but it's difficult, may be I should go to or start a DCDA (Diet Coke Drinkers Anonymous) club or something... anyway I think your site is very good, and as for the people who just curse it's a pity really because they're just sad individuals who are crying out for attention... laters matey! Dave C
    Posted by David at 8:03 AM EST on Jan 8th, '02

    Ok, so maybe all of the studies have not been conclusive. But, I know how I felt when I consumed Diet Coke... first, I was totally addicted to it. I had joint aches, and a hard time concentrating. The joint pain and malaise mimicked symptoms enough to fool one of my many doctors into diagnosing me with Lupus, the mystery illness. Another Reumatologist named Dr. Khandelwal in Midland, Texas told me that I should try eliminating diet products from my diet, and see what happened. After about 6 weeks of detoxing from diet products, most of my symptoms were gone. After a few months, they were all gone and I was taken off medication and told I was probably misdiagnosed with Lupus in the first place. So, I don't know what the studies say, but on my own test, the results were conclusive. People's body chemistry reacts to chemicals differently from others, and I recommend that you give it a shot and see if your results are the same. By the way, since I got off the diet stuff and started eating nutritious, unprocessed foods, I've lost 102 lb.
    Posted by Tricia at 10:46 AM EST on Jan 9th, '02

    Im currently doing a research assignment on asparatame and its effects. Came across yout site and i thought id contribute some findings. It seems that the Monsanto Corporation, manufactures of Nutra Sweet and Equal, generously fund the American Dietetic Association which has pronounced aspartame to be relatively safe. There are also a few interesting things I came across. They can be read at http://www.swankin-turner.com/aspartame/hist.html Not sure about the credability of this site as I really am not very informed about this but hope it helps you guys
    Posted by entity at 6:39 PM EST on Jan 16th, '02

    this is so stupid i know you would have to drink alot of diet coke for somtihng really bad but it is still really bad for you i am doing a report on the difference with diet and regular coke and so far all my research has shown that coke is acctuallly better. i would like to here you opinion on this please don't cuss or anything cause i am using this for a report so please email me at panda55@hotmail.com thank you
    Posted by Elizabeth Grotting at 3:06 PM EST on Jan 28th, '02

    I know two people really well who drink lots of diet softdrink (diet coke) both are on medications for depression, both have mood swings, both get the "un real" sensations, both experience extreme tiredness and it goes on and on. Im sorry but im with the wacko camp and hell will freeze over before I let my children touch any aspartame - ps if you have shares in coke or pepsi or nutra-sweet etc etc sell now before the law suits start. As a parting shot... im wacko but hey im symtom free! Pass me the water dammit

    Hey cool, I drink Diet Coke all the time and I'm "symtom" free also. Woohoo! So basic rule is - if you want to be symptom free, you can either drink Diet Coke, or not drink Diet Coke. Either will result in no symptoms. Cool!

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I feel the exact same way I just don't have all the facts and figures to prove it. From the 6 people in my family, 4 people drink diet coke on a daily basis, it's addictive, what can I say? These 4 people in my family (my self included) average about 3 2litre bottles of diet coke a day. And putting the huge hole in our wallets aside, diet coke has done nothing harmful to us. I love the stuff, and am extremly happy that i found this website, because i can now use this info in arguments that i face concerning aspartame. Thank you so much! You are my new found hero Yvonne
    Posted by Yvonne at 11:55 AM EST on Feb 19th, '02

    You are a bit naive in your faith in the unbiased integrity of govt. organizations to have only the best interests of the public (and their health) in mind. I believe there was some serious corruption involving big-corporation megabucks (Monsanto), which explains why the FDA "looked the other way" to some evidence that Aspartame was harmful, when the product was still pending FDA approval. At this time, there was also an "incestuous" revolving door (of employment) between Monsanto execs and FDA officials. Also, I read the referenced MIT research on aspartame. How many years did this study go on? 10? 15? How else are you going to study the cumulative long-term effects? And...this should immediately set off some alarm bells...WHO FUNDED THIS MIT STUDY? Nah...not that they would be in any way biased just because the grant money came from the manufacturer! ;-)

    I think it's like casein and lactose in milk, and gluten in grains. Some people can handle them fine. To others, they can cause some serious health problems. Observation #1: 75-80% of the world's population is lactose intolerant, yet we push milk like it's some kind of panacea. Observation #2: It is entirely possible that SOME people are sensitive and/or allergic to one or more constituents of Diet Coke. It is also true that large amounts of caffeine can inhibit calcium aborption and quicken tooth decay. It's also true that caffeine is an addictive drug- I know that when I started drinking Caffeine Free Diet Coke, I had migraines for three days as my body got off of caffeine addiction the quick and hard way. But hey- it still tastes good. -J.R.

    In Germany (where I come from), the fact that Diet Coke might contain harmful ingredients is widely unknown (which is funny because Germany has very strict laws when it comes to food). I just heard about it from a model who travels to the States a lot and made me look for facts. That's how I came across this site. I personally think that everything you consume in extremely large doses is very likely to be harmful - water and salt being no exception. Wine and/or beer consumed in moderation are very helpful substances when it comes to preventing certain diseases, but alcohol also kills a lot of people if consumed excessively. If you attempted to live a life of perfect health without artificial ingredients or processes you would probably starve within a month. I appreciate all the different opinions in this forum and I would like to add that I (a very healthy consumer of 5-10 Diet Coke cans a week) recommend to do and eat and drink whatever makes you happy because that is exactly what is likely to keep you in good health. Sonja
    Posted by Sonja at 2:56 PM EST on Mar 5th, '02

    That was really unintellegent. Maybe you should investigate the effects of Aspertame on lab rats and how it kills them. I realize that you must consume large emounts of this toxin in order for it to kill you. You seem to really enjoy this product and really stick up for the Aspertame gange. I really dont mind because just as alchohol kills the weakest brain cells first, Aspertame kills off those that refuse to acnowledge that it is a harmfull toxin. Its survival of the fitest baby. No loss here!

    Wackos...YES!!.. Spastic..NO. Please, Cerebral Palsy is not a condition that means a lack of Intelligence! My son is very smart but lacks physical control of his arms & legs. Apart from that............DIET COKE ROCKS!! Caffeine Free D.C. Rocks TOO!!!!!

    Okay...... I'm confused.....

    Well i completely agree with you. Sure, 100 liters of aspartame gave a few lab RATS cancer but i'd like to remind the people who believe that aspartame will kill humans that...WE ARE NOT LAB RATS!!! also, the only effect i get from diet coke is pure satisfaction. i havent drank it in 40 days because i gave it up for lent and my life has been filled with bad days and horrible caffine headaches. so i cant wait til lent is over. i mean, what more can you get from a drink? no calories/carbs/fat, lots of caffine, and it fills you up? not much more. plus, it tastes heavenly!
    Posted by Amanda at 1:33 AM EST on Mar 23rd, '02

    No you are the wacko for drinking that poison. I know because I had health problems and when I quit drinking that poison the next day my pain and headaches quit and hasn't returned. I was at the point where I couldn't get out of bed. Thanks to a wise Dr. I'm in good condition again.

    Unfortunately people drink sodas and actually think they are providing their body with liquid - which they are not. A coworker of mine drinks diet coke like water - no wonder his hands are shaking all the time. Our body consists mostly of water (please don't ask me about the details / percentage, I have read it many many times but don't remember) and needs to get ~2 liters of water every day. Diet coke is a liquid, but not water, and therefore not a good source of liquid. Soft drinks were pretty much invented in the US, and when I see how many people drink soda every day it makes me very sad. A soda a day - maybe - I'd rather recommend once every 3 days or so. Guys, do your body a favor and drink water - just plain water. Our bodies weren't made in a factory - diet coke is. Coke is. Pepsi is. It's all crap, and you know it. Can you handle it?

    Well, thank you Dr Science. What the fuck is wrong with you people? It's Diet Coke. It's not industrial pollution, it's not bombing civilians, it's not institutionalized racism. It'd freakin' soda pop. Get some perspective for God's sake. It's makes you sad? Congratulations. That is the stupidest thing I've heard yet today. Studies continue to show that it's safe. I know it helps your world make more sense if it's poison, but that just doesn't seem to be supported by science. Oh, I forgot, all scientists are tools of the Men In Black. And if some idiot doesn't know enough to keep from being dehydrated all day, then that indicates they're an idiot right? Why get on your high horse to bash soda pop because your coworker is an idiot? Coffee is much more of a diuretic than Diet Coke. Do you run around the office annoying people with, "You shouldn't drink coffee. It's not liquid." I swear you loons are the most amusing part of this website. I need to find a way to market this dumbass confluence. Is there a conference or something where you twits get together? Some sort of "Reality Denial Con"?

    Jon, I don't remember calling my coworker an idiot, and in fact I don't even think that he is an idiot - why do you call him an idiot? There are a lot of things in this world that don't classify as racism, industrial pollution or bombing. But - they are still not right or good. Your comparison is not very good. I don't recall saying that Diet Coke is a poison, even though it gets pretty close. No, seriously, you seem to misunderstand me. A soda pop is fine, it's a drink that tastes good, is refreshing - it's like chocolate or ice cream. Do you get the hint? People in this country think to little about the food they eat and get influenced too much by advertisments. Nowhere else on this planet are there so many overweight people than in the US. And I partly (just a little) blame that on soft drinks that are consumed too much. There's nothing wrong with drinking a soda every now and then. I don't do it, but I am extreme - I admit that. See, people's organisms are different, and what's good for one body might not be as good for the other. There are plenty of people how drink lots of Coke or Pepsi and never get overweight, and then there are people who do get overweight. Because their body is different, and breaks up things differently. I just want to make people understand that Coke, coffee - those are treats - not part of a meal. I'm not getting at Diet Coke or 7up - I'm getting at the fact that people use soda to ease their thirst - and that's not good (on a regular basis). I mean doesn't that make sense? How much pollution do we get anyhow every day? Why put sugar, chemicals and carbonation into our organism? You're probably laughing right now and think that I'm a freak. That's ok. But how many of our relatives have died of cancer - without knowing why. I am convinced that nutrition plays a part here, and drinking is part of nutrition. Drinking sodas several times every day is like eating chocolate instead of eating a meal - that can't be right. I don't particulary care about studies and proofs that diet drinks are good or bad. One side proofs that it's good, the other proofs that it's bad. Some people probably cope better, some don't. Some people get cancer, some don't. Because our bodies and immune systems are different. But of course the media would always tell you that Diet Coke is fine, Coke is fine - or not tell you anything. Come on, if people would stop drinking Diet Coke then the wonderful Coke company would have to lay off 1000s of people! But I am getting into a bigger scale here already. Regarding the coffee, no, I don't run around annoying people, I drink black tea myself every now and then. But I do bother my wife every now and then ;-) So I just wanted to make sure you have a better understanding about my points of view - or maybe you won't. Another thing, you can't expect every "loon" to agree when you publish a web page like that. And calling people "loons" simply because they don't agree with you might not be the best approach either.

    Christ..... You sure are defensive. Loon.

    Hi there - nice to find other people as into this drink as I am. It is fantastic - my main problem being the cost, and sometimes the caffeine... OK, there might be stuff in it that's not ideal - but have you looked out the window recently? Unless you live somewhere that you cannot purchase such stuff as DC and all the other crap we, as a society, produce, you're just as likely to experience problems walking down the road and breathing normally as when drinking something. And as for drinking water all the time... Well I have a friend in the Water industry here, in the UK. The less you know about the state of the water that arrives through your tap, the better. I for one would rather take the liquid that *doesn't* have anything too alive in it. We have had problems in the North West ever since our water industry was privatised (we live in a f***ed up world!). And there are enough rumours about how bottled water is produced to make me wonder about that too. And in the end - if you deny yourself something you like for your whole life, and live an extra few years or whatever - good for you. I for one, knowing that the world we live in is pretty bad for your health, am happy to drink something that gives me so much pleasure... Why should I care that it's addictive? OK, some people might have reactions to ingredients in DC, but then since we've been feeding baby food to kids with nuts in, loads of kids are growing up with nut realted issues... Maybe in 20 years we'll all be allergic to Sweetner... Why we should get all hot under the collar about something a supposedly intelligent adult drinks, is beyond me... But then the world would be a boring place without the fringe (I'll refrain from calling them lunatics ;-)... Cokaigne

    Jon, I was surprised to read an answer from you at all! I am impressed. Cokaigne, if your major source of pleasure is from Diet Coke, then ... I'm sorry for you. I find it quite amazing how you guys lack the ability to read, understand and interpret normal messages - wow. I was clearly expecting too much. I'll be leaving this discussion now, I can't seem to handle large amounts of ignorance. Thanks to you guys we'll keep raping this planet to satisfy our pleasures - yeah yeah! Adios!
    Posted by Dr. Science at 10:20 AM EST on Apr 4th, '02

    Well, my major source of pleasure isn't DC, but it is 'one' of the things in my life I enjoy (hey, I'm addicted to this stuff - at least I enjoy it!). But thanks for the pity - makes me feel much better about life. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I can understand normal messages - maybe you cannot produce normal messages? Not to get personal - but everyone thinks they give a clear 'message' of their feelings or thoughts - but we all interpret things differently - if you feel misunderstood, maybe make things even clearer... I also know what you mean when you say we'll keep raping this planet for our pleasures... But I (as an individual) don't believe we (the human species) will do anything but wipe ourselves (and the lovely planet) out. It's a horrible idea - but most of the 'voters' that keep the 'politicians' in power like their perks - their Diet Coke, TV, cars, clothing etc etc. We've been sold into capatilist slavery, where we are our own worst masters. Until this species wakes up and smells the non-mass produced, foamy, natural, organic, fairly-traded, non-genetically engineered, ground coffee, the earth is on a one-way trip to the dustbin. I am a product of the western culture of extreme decadence, but with a green conscience. Which makes me depressed about the fact that I'm addicted to products of this society (like Diet Coke). On the other hand - I know that I am not going to be one of the brave that goes to rallies and the like, but I do feel that as far as having freedom to do to ourselves what we like, that the militant types shouldn't stop us having the poison of our choice. It's all a little hypocritical to spout the word poison about something just because it has a harmful ingredient. Unless you're talking about nuclear waste or something 'important'. So, although in some ways I agree that DC is bad (as a symbol of our shambolic attempt at 'Civilisation' along with all brands, advertising, pollution etc etc), I also like driving a car, drinking Diet Coke and eating mass produced food. We're all often a little hypocritical about things. To finish this ramble I'd say my basic message is that we should all 'chill out', and give each other some slack, whilst still trying to keep people informed. Cokaigne

    Hey Jon, I just wanted to say I think your diet coke page is great. I drink probably 2 cans a day which isn't too bad but my friends and parents always talk about the aspartame. Anyways I looked for info on the net but all I found was stupid people blaming it for stuff and the aspartame manufacturers telling how great it was. I'm glad to hear a normal person's opinion and I can now continue drinking it without worries. Oh yeah and by the way your website is one of the best personal sites I've seen!
    Posted by Laura at 2:24 PM EST on Apr 5th, '02

    I have been drinking Diet Coke (1 liter a day minimun)for a while. I think any addcition is an indicator that there is something wrong with us, there is a lack of something in our lifes. From every point of view I see this drink I find it not good: I waste money, produce solid waste (the container) and there is a possiblity for me to accumulate in my body chemicals that might cause me health problems. It doesn't matter how harmfull or harmless this drink could be, since i depend on it to feel "ok" there is something wrong, and we should think about it. BTW: that it hasn't been proved that Diet Coke is dangerous for the health doesn't mean that IT IS NOT DANGEROUS, remember they thought the earth was flat until someone proved the opposite? but did it mean that earth wasn't an esphere shaped before?? so lets don't wait until someone dies from this to consider quiting. And lets think on what is making me to get addicted to this or whatever other addiction I have, addcitions are just a symptom of the real problem...
    Posted by Someone at 8:33 AM EST on Apr 10th, '02

    thank you for trying to tell people how stupid they are about this whole issue. i drink diet coke everyday and im not gunna quit just becuz some fool believes he is all knowing. i think all these people need to find something better to worry about dying from... like crossing the street. You probably have a higher chance of dying from that.
    Posted by manda at 9:57 AM EST on Apr 10th, '02

    you know, it just never occurred to me that a diet beverage could inspire this much... i was going to say, emotion, but what i think i mean is, wackyness...

    You have no idea. This is my life: "You're killing people!!! Diet Coke is POISOOOONNNN!!!!" or "You are wonderful. I've looked everywhere for the truth!!!" I'm a computer programmer. I like Diet Coke. Beyond that, I hope people realize I just don't give a rat's ass.

    God damn those whacky lunatics!!!!
    Posted by Polly Lamond at 8:28 PM EST on Apr 14th, '02

    Like many others here, I drink a fair amount of Diet Coke (5-6 cans a day). So you can understand why the emergence of "Coke Light" not "Diet Coke" in many coffee shops, newsagents etc has got me rather worried. Anyone who drinks "Diet Coke" will know that these two products taste quite different, however many of the people who sell it think it's the same, which often leaves me with the choice of nothing (argh!) or "Coke Light" (tastes like normal coke). Does anyone know what's going on here? Are they fazing out "Diet Coke"? I notice they only sell "Coke Light" in Paris, and it's about half and half in London (where I live). Any comments would be welcome. P.S - Great to hear about Aspartame....people are likewise always telling me I'll be dead by 40 for drinking so much diet coke.

    i really think that you must work for coke cola or don't have a life to speak of. who else would spend so much time promoting a product that someone else is making money on. not to mention the fact that they fund the occupation of palestine. stop worshipping this materialistic god and start worshipping the real God our Creator. there is only one God. become a muslim and put all of your energy into that. you won't need diet coke to feel good.
    Posted by Alliyah at 3:26 AM EST on Apr 26th, '02

    So....... You're saying I need to get a life?

    I love this thread. I think you should bronze it and save it for posterity.

    An auspicious beginning to the weekend, I see. Yes, do bronze that one for posterity, Jon.

    aha! someone finally made the Diet Coke/Mid-East conflict connection! i was wondering when that would come into it.

    All I can say is... Wow. This is quite some debate. I personally think that diet coke is gross. I do some miscellaneous reading every once in a while. Regarding the calcium zapping that someone brought up a while ago... I read in a magazine once that caffeine prevents the bones from absorbing all of the calcium that you give your body. So if you drink more milk than is recommended, you should still have wonderfully strong bones. I'm no doctor though... just a lowly high school student who reads.
    Posted by Rachel at 2:51 PM EST on Apr 26th, '02

    I must say I thought that your website was pretty darn funny an I did enjoy all of your comments but who is to say that drinking coke won't hit you years down the road? It may be a gradual thing but at any rate gotta love the diet.
    Posted by sammmy waters at 12:40 PM EST on May 6th, '02

    If aspartame is soooo safe as you say and if we're all wackos, then I guess the Air Force are wackos too because you're not allowed to ingest anything with aspartame within 48 hours prior to flying. Gee, if it's not good enough for them it sure isn't good enough for me. Also, you failed to mention that the organizations that you mention (FDA, etc.) who supposedly support Diet Coke are all in bed with Monsanto, the company who invented Nutra Sweet by accident. The FDA has people on their board who also sit on Monsanto's board...hmmmm. The info on aspartame isn't just a bunch of unfounded ranting. It is backed by clinical research. The only reason the majority doesn't hear about it is because Monsanto is so powerful. I mean, if aspartame is so great, then how come Diet Coke in Japan is sweetened with the all natural sweetener Stevia? Here though, Stevia is found virtually nowhere. Again, power and money. All this aside, what kind of loser puts up a website about himself and then devotes a whole section to a soft drink?
    Posted by jayo at 8:59 AM EST on May 8th, '02

    You have almost no intelligence
    Posted by Tm Sack at 1:38 PM EST on May 12th, '02

    I use to drink about 4liters of Diet Coke a day, and I loved the stuff. While some people may react differently to aspartame compared to others, i think it may be the cuase of a few of my problems. Your site made me search the net and look at the facts for my self. And I found the following site: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ I have suffered from depression, panic attacks, insomia and migraines for 5+ years now and I am willing to try anything to make my self better if this aspartame is cuasing it then I will stop. I think that moderation is the key here. Too much of anything is bad for you. I will give it the 60 days thing and see what happens and let you all know. I prefer Diet Coke to anything out there, the taste esp if you have it chilled with ice, but my health does come first!
    Posted by Buggyde at 8:19 AM EST on May 13th, '02

    Been away for awhile and needed humour fix and thought I'd add for the "formic acid" commenter that you get as much formic acid from one ant bite as you do from about 150 cans of soda...And I never touch the stuff, having a abnormal sensitivity to the taste of tin.
    Posted by Kirk Walker at 4:11 PM EST on May 16th, '02

    I LOVE Diet Coke i drink 4 or 5 cans a day and there is nothing wrong with me.
    Posted by Drew_B at 8:42 PM EST on May 22nd, '02

    Don't throw out all the apspartame loonies. I just started dating a diet coke fanatic and started drinking it a lot. In 6 weeks I started getting extreme allergic rxns that went away as soon as I stopped drinking it. Makes too much sense to shrug off. Won't be drinking DC again anytime soon.
    Posted by hppypaul at 6:53 PM EST on May 23rd, '02

    My husband likes Diet Coke. I told him he could drink it once a month or when we go out to a restaurant (which is only once a month tops anyway). He can consume a lot of the stuff -- liters and liters. That's why I don't like him to have too much access to it. We don't have it at home, and in the future when we have children, we both wouldn't like them to drink it. He tells me the stuff is addicting. I think moderation is the key. I myself don't like anything carbonated; I only drink water, milk, and the occasional orange juice. I'm relieved to read that aspartame is considered safe (I hope it's not something they lead us to believe for the sake of the multi-billion dollar soda companies) and will continue to allow my husband to drink it once a month. We take care of each other: he watches that I don't eat too much ice cream so that I can keep my figure. Personally, I believe the best thing to drink is desalinated or reverse-osmosis purified water. Thanks for researching and posting your findings.
    Posted by nodietcokeforme at 2:38 PM EST on May 31st, '02

    i just want to ask ive been having normal coke for a long time do you think there is somthing going to happen to me
    Posted by darrenguy at 10:18 AM EST on Jun 2nd, '02

    i just want ask you that i have been drinking normal coke for a long time and i get similar effects of coke wats your answer what will happen to me.
    Posted by darrenguy at 10:38 AM EST on Jun 2nd, '02

    Fascinating site. I drink about a twelve pack of diet Coke (12 oz. cans) a day. I work 12-14 hour days, sleep like a baby 5-6 hours a night, eat poorly, exercise rarely--and have no apparent health problems. I predict I will drop dead someday as a result of a combination of the above-mentioned habits, and I will be fondly remembered as a high-energy, fun-loving, "got-the-work-done" kind of person. It's all good.

    I wanted to let you know one of my students here read your hoo-ha on your thoughts in regards to Diet Coke. I have been a Chemical Engineer for 27 years, working for Monsanto for 15 of those. A professor for 12 years in the Master's program at John Hopkins. And I was on the board when the FDA actually turned down this chemical in 1974. Please do not fool yourself moreover, label me or my findings as wacko. Currently, I have findings that are not funded by the aspartame industry and like all other scientific studies done by PHD's, MBA's, and double masters from John Hopkins, I have found this chemical one of the most lethal forms of poison on the market. I am a true believer that you have the right to sanction by our Declaration of Independence, your opinion, and I respect it. However, you have the moral obligation when preaching your propaganda to know all the facts. Where were you educated?
    Posted by Candice Miller-Thoma at 7:42 AM EST on Jun 15th, '02

    ..funny...thats all I gota say.

    jon,what exact percentage of dc is H2o?
    Posted by j d lewis at 1:22 AM EST on Aug 6th, '02

    I drink more Diet Coke then I can buy, I hate cans they taste tinny, I only drink it by the 2Litre, cheaper. I drink atleast 2, 2Litre bottles of diet coke per day, for the past 2 years, have lost 110lbs on the Dr. Atkins Low Carb diet, and have not ONE symptom from this so called "poison" Aspartame, It's the stupid sugar sceptics who thinks anything new must be Bad for you! So you anti-Aspartame people can GO TO HELL!!
    Posted by B. A. Canning at 1:41 PM EST on Aug 6th, '02

    "So you anti-Aspartame people can GO TO HELL!!" Or we could get to know each other and share funny stories. I'd like to assure my readers that not ALL Diet Coke drinkers are hate-filled blowhards like myself and Mr Canning here. I find most Diet Coke folk to be very pleasant. Please don't feel compelled to banish yourselves to eternal damnation just because you tend to believe nonsense you read on the Internet. It happens to the best of us.

    We need to try to get VDIET COKE
    Posted by Diet Family at 11:37 AM EST on Sep 1st, '02

    I once drunk Diet coke for 4 days and I got obsessed with numbers, strange but true. Nice site John, I think you are a very charismatic person. ;)

    WOW! what a wonderful site. I have not read so much crap about a product in my whole life. Oh I switched to Diet Coke about 5 years ago. I usually drink about 6 to 8 cans a day. Now my joints are starting to ache, I have a ringing in my ears, I get jonesy if I don't have one every couple hours or so. So I guess I have proven the idiots correct...IT IS BAD FOR ME. Or its that I am getting older, thus the extra aches and pains of aging naturally, ear ringing from years of concert attendance, and as for that jonesing for a DC? could it be the Cocca? I hear that stuff is kinda addictive also. Hummmm...lets see so if I quit drinking Diet Coke I will live forever...Yep, I'm sold. Nuttin but water, fruits,and nutts for me the rest of my life. Give it a rest people. Find you a site about something that really destroys lives and type your little fingers raw. We Diet Coke drinkers don't need your opinions much less your saving. (someday I too will graduate to chugging 2 liters like a real addict)... don't ya just love those little ...'s

    People joke that they never see me without a can of diet coke in my hand. I admit I am hopelessly addicted to the stuff. I never eat junk food (ever) and I don't drink alcohol, so I think I am entitled to at least one vice :) Yesterday my anatomy lecturer at college warned me of the "dangers of diet coke" and I've even been told it can make me "fat" coz it will make me crave carbs. Well I have this to say. Drinking diet coke doesn't give me headaches, it doesn't make me have seizures, and I only weigh 118 pounds! We're living in a very paranoid world.
    Posted by savvy at 8:19 PM EST on Oct 3rd, '02

    I dri nK asparse ame and it done me no arm. Can't do wiv out it I NEED MORE bring on the onc ologist. Come on did you really do some research into the subject your wisdom astounds me. Pass me the water also.
    Posted by AspartameDinker at 6:57 PM EST on Oct 14th, '02

    well aspartame will not cause cancer itself, it will make the body more acidic and then your body will become more likely to get it; not cause it. I suggest reading THE CALCIUM FACTOR by robert barefoot, and he talks about body PH, acidity and alkalinity. that will let you know about what acid does to the body, and to let you all know, too much acid in the body causes cancer, and aspartame (over a prolonged exposure) causes the body to become more acidic. put two and two together here people.

    Iv'e said it before and I'll say it again! Too Much of anything is bad for you!
    Posted by Gina at 7:29 PM EST on Nov 1st, '02

    Diet Coke is my personal saviour. I was harped on by a couple of hippie freaks that eat organic macaroni and cheese, about my "habit"...they told me that I need to drink more water. So, yah know what I did? I drank a gallon of water in thirty minutes. I have never been so sick in my life. Water is bad news. Drink Diet Coke.

    opinions are one thing and factual analysis is another. Your site is too full of biased opinions to really make an actual case. Quoting the FDA is not enough, convince me with your brilliant and in depth research. Please. And another thing, don't you think it's kind of creepy that you would dedicate so much of your life to one corporation's product? What do you get out of it? I hope you're a millionaire at least.
    Posted by melissa at 12:24 AM EST on Dec 13th, '02

    I find Monsanto to be a little sinister but as sugar is one of the deadliest toxins known to man, I will continue on Aspartame based soda drinks. My basic belief is! EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, be it fat, carbs, protein, aspartame etc. A balanced diet will always see you right.
    Posted by Daveyh at 1:47 PM EST on Jan 10th, '03

    it could be: "all i wanna do is have some fun i got a feeling i'm not the only one" or it might be: "have another drink, it'll make you feel better have another drink, and you'll feel alright if you're feeling down and you're under the weather have another drink and you'll feel alright you'll feel alright" but what quenches my thirst is: i'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company :) cheers!

    I have been doing research on the health risks associated with aspartame for my senior exit project. i have found that the only way aspartame can cause health problems is when its left in the sun or other warm place for over a month. In this case, the heat actually decomposes the aspartame into formaldehyde before consumption. When the APM containing product is consumed, the formaldehyde enters your body. APM doesnt actually turn into formaldehyde in your body, its only a big deal if its already been decomposed before consumption. so if youre drinking decently fresh and chilled diet drinks, you should have nothing to worry about.

    I guess I'm one of your wackos, but this is what I know. About eight years ago I woke up one morning blind in one eye. A few minutes later my vision cleared, but almost immediately the vision in my other eye blurred, went away, and then came back. These symptoms persisted intermittently for several weeks before they started to clear. For ninety percent of cases in which these symptoms occur the culprit is MS or Diabetes. Doctors tested for both (including the MRI test for MS) before telling me that sometimes they just don't know what causes some symptoms. About this time I found a paper from a World Health Organization conference that also claimed to explain the symptoms (and several of the others your site lists in white on white type). The problem: Aspertame poisoning. For what its worth the Aspertame poisoning didn't occur in response to properly handled Aspertame. It occurred only after whatever food or drink it was in heated beyond the point where it broke down into its constituents (which unfortunately are not milk and bananas). The breakdown temperature is fairly low (desert temperatures and a car in bright sun will frequently exceed). This mattered to the article (by a British doctor), which claimed that many cases of gulf war syndrome could be explained by Aspertame poisoning caused when cases of diet soda overheated when left sitting out in the desert sun. My initial reaction was like yours. This is probably some wacko, but I had nothing to lose by testing the hypothesis. I was still losing vision in both eyes intermittently. I stopped Aspertame intake. A month later the symptoms were gone. I now only drink diet sode in the winter, and I check the dates on the can to make sure they were manufactured in the fall or winter. The symptoms have never returned.

    Thank you Jon!! I am pregnant (and due in 3 weeks) and I drank 1-2 diet cokes (a day) almost the whole time. I read a few things about it being ok and my doc said the "everything in moderation" line so I ran with it. I LOVE DIET COKE. Nothing goes better with eggs and toast than a diet coke. Anyway, I started looking around on the internet (for some unknown reason, at 37 weeks) and saw sites stating that I was murdering my fetus! But then I couldn't find anything that said how much I would have to drink to become a murderer of babies. I hope that you are right, but for my peace of mind, I choose to believe. PS Diet Pepsi sucks so bad.
    Posted by Melissa at 6:45 AM EST on Mar 3rd, '03

    ...but donīt forget plenty of calcium because the phosphoracid in softdrinks "wash" it out of your bones and finally your gandma have to help to over the street...or so....
    Posted by Firestormtiger at 4:10 PM EST on Mar 20th, '03

    Thanks Jon, To be honest I hate juice and other sodas are just.....ewwwhhh...I drink water and diet coke and thats it. Everyone thinks i'm crazy...so be it... my family has been picking at my diet coke habit, asparteme this asparteme that, sending me weird emails and telling me i'm killing myself. I never believed them of course, come on, there are worst things in life to worry about than a little bit of asparteme...besides...all that sugar in regular soda is not good for them either. Anywayz I have a paper to type and 20oz bottle of diet coke to finish. Drink on!!!
    Posted by Khrys at 7:34 PM EST on Mar 27th, '03

    I have been off Diet Coke and all softdrinks since Jan 1 2002, I love and loved it so much, but I was drinking way too much, minimum of 18 a day, and quite often I would kill a case. I was not afraid of the nutrasweet (too much anyway, I wonder where it all goes. I imagine a reef of it forming whereever sewage goes). The acid destroyed my tooth enamel, and I knew If I drank any, I would drink it all the time. I havecome to love water as much as I did DC. I still miss it sometimes. Bar-B-Q is not the same without a cold can.

    You do realise that 30 years is a short time for a safety test of any substance. I will not try to persuade you into thinking that aspartame is the most dangerous thing on earth like all the other loons. Obviously, someone that is allergic to phenylalanine will suffer a lot more than the average person, but phenylalanine causes subtle mental changes, leading to headaches, depression, and the like. Phenylalanine is a non-essential amino acid, and the human body makes it as it is needed. When phenylalanine is taken into the body, it settles in the top of the spinal chord in the human brain. when it reaches certain levels, it causes irregularities in thought processes. Then when you have kids you will pass that faulty genetical material onto them, and it will take a few generations before you will have either a hyperactive psychotic child or a slow braindead 'vegetable' child. Some people like being parents to psychotic veges, but others would like to have children that have at least some sense of what's really going on around them. If you want to mutate your relatives then by all means do so!
    Posted by david steck at 8:07 PM EST on Apr 12th, '03

    Hi Jon, Interesting little thread here. Yeah, I've heard of the "problems" associated with the consumption of aspartame. Personal anecdote. Relative, I know. Anyway I was drinking probably 2 litres of diet soda a day plus 3 or 4 large cups of coffee. About two weeks ago I stopped drinking diet soda and I got the worst headaches. Mind you I also reduced my coffee consumption to 1 or 2 a day. I'm not saying that the headaches were caused by aspartame withdrawal, in fact, it's likely that they were caused by a substantial reduction in caffiene intake, or perhaps a little of both. Now, I don't drink any diet sodas, only 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day and the headaches are gone. The problem is I'm taking nutritional supplements for the "Body-For-Life" program and most of them contain...aspartame. I know. It's safe. Well, I'll use them and see what happens. Cheers, ian

    why does it seem like there is no middle ground on the diet coke debate? i mean, people either hate it and won't drink it or they just can't get enough of it. i personally have annoyed many waitresses because i take advantage on the free refills by drinking as much diet coke as possible without causing my bladder to explode. all of that to say, has anyone researched if diet coke is addictive? i know i'm up to 8 litres a day of the stuff just to keep me going at a normal level.
    Posted by 2muchkaffeen at 11:25 PM EST on Jun 29th, '03

    Hi Jon, I guess the saying "everything in moderation" is always a good one to live by. I would imagine most things would cause problems in a person if consumed to excess. Cheers

    Donald Rumsfeld has made career of selling people things that end in death. Biologic and chemical weapons for Saddam, reactors for North Korea. Have fun sucking air with those holes in your brain. Rumsfeld's conflict of interest and ASPARTAME: http://csf.colorado.edu/envtecsoc/2002/msg00440.html http://www.thepowerhour.com/postings-four/rumsfelds-conflict-of-interests-and-aspartame.htm http://www.dorway.com/ http://www.presidiotex.com/aspartame/Facts/facts.html Aspartame Murders Infants http://www.safe2use.com/media/aspartame.htm
    Posted by Da Pope at 7:54 PM EST on Jul 20th, '03

    "God damn those whacky lunatics!!!!" "So you anti-Aspartame people can GO TO HELL!!" "I drank a gallon of water in thirty minutes. I have never been so sick in my life. Water is bad news. Drink Diet Coke." "I went looking for allthis medical mumbo jumbo this morning to read the alleged reports and found your sire instead. I think I'll stop looking." "WE ARE NOT LAB RATS!!! also, the only effect i get from diet coke is pure satisfaction." "Christ..... You sure are defensive. Loon" "i drink diet coke everyday and im not gunna quit just becuz some fool believes he is all knowing" If DC cant kill you, it's a damn shame. I know people who have been smoking for 30 years. That dosent make it safe.

    "I know people who have been smoking for 30 years. That dosent make it safe." Exactly my point. Thank you for pointing that out. We know that smoking causes cancer because after smoking for 30 years people tend to get cancer. This is no secret, and in fact the truth of this came out despite the tobacco companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars to cover it up. So we know that smoking causes cancer because........... Anyone.....?? Because people who smoke actually get cancer at a much higher rate than those who don't. Which is the same reason we know, without possibility of error, that Aspartame doesn't cause cancer. Specifically, we know it doesn't cause cancer because people who drink it don't show an increased risk of cancer. Why is this so hard to understand? The cancers you people are warning me about? They don't exist. How much more plainly can I say this? If Aspartame causes cancer, then why isn't it causing cancer? Anyone? And if it causes cancer in such a low percentage of people that no study has been able to catch it, then why should anyone worry?

    First Jon are you a doctor or a scientist? I think you said you are a programmer. I think you should stop playing doctor and these people who believe all you say should go and look up more information for themselves. Don't settle for what one computer programmer says to be true. Don't call these people losers or loons. Some have had real problems with these chemicals in diet cola and other drinks. And no, small amounts of cola can't kill you. Kind of like alcohol and fat. But they are chemicals and poisons that have been proven to cause in lab rats and monkeys brain tumors and holes in the brain. The chemical Aspartame can be found in more then just cola its in several things people eat every day. So most likely you are getting "Moderate to high" amounts of it through out your life. Plus most people usually report having problems after years or many months of drinking diet drinks. This is a page of real people telling there stories. I don't think they are lying about their experinces with it. http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/adverse2.txt People need to know that, yes people have died from diet cola drinks in the gulf war soldiers drank warm cola and died from it. Because it formed into a chemical called formaldehyde. If you don't care that these things might cause you damage then thats okay with me. I just think people should know the facts and look for themselves. And if they have problems they should cut back or stop consuming Aspartame. I think the biggest problem is when people drink soda like its water. The effects are the same if you use alcohol like water. Dangerous! no hard feelings Jon. Enjoy your cola.
    Posted by Voice at 9:35 AM EST on Aug 31st, '03

    According to the FDA ...stop right there. These are the people that approved MSG and say it is ok to have a small amount of rat shit in your food. You can trust them if you want. Do some research on aspartame. I have seen first hand what aspartame does. I am not a "spastic wacko". Aspartame has not been in our drinks for thirty years. If you have researched aspartame the way you researched the moving rocks in Nevada's Racetrack Playa "Unfortunately we got the playa very late and we only had about an hour to explore before the sun went behind the western mountain", then you need to spend more time. But drink up...it's your health.
    Posted by Ken Romine at 7:37 AM EST on Oct 3rd, '03

    If you want to drink this crap it's fine by me. It's a free country. But when your website keeps popping up on google promoting Diet Coke with the sum total of your "research" being a couple of rants it's a different ballgame. I could care less if you drink it by the truckload, but encouraging others to drink a known poison is stupid at best. What's next Jon? Smokingisgoodforyou.com? The Artificially Sweetened Times http://www.vaclib.org/news/astimes.htm
    Posted by Wake Up at 8:18 AM EST on Oct 21st, '03

    In my opinion I dont care what other people drink or smoke or kill there bodies with but i happen to be very concerned with what I put in my body. I didnt even know about aspartame I thought I was allergic to equal and diet drinks. I had heard stuff before about equal and how its bad and i didnt believe it. I drank a glass of tea at a friend house with alot of equal in it. I left and went to a local restraunt i got so dizzy and sick the room was spinning and I almost passed out I did manage to make it home with my 2 kids (luckily safely) then a few hours later i suddenly got better, well i blamed it on everything else and went on with my life Then again i was at a friends house and I drank a diet Dr. Pepper and got very sick the same way that night. By this time I thought I was allergic to atificial sweetiners but i wanted to start dieting so I started diet coke atleast i didnt get dog sick but i did still have headaches and feel nausiated (maybe aspartame levels arent as high in Diet coke)on it so i started looking on the web a friend compared ingredients and told me i was probably allergic to aspartame i was like ok ive never heard of the stuff. So i looked it up on the web and have really educated myself on it. In my opinion rightnow I love cokes but not enough to kill myself to drink them I love regualar coke but that could make me diabetic or fatter (im already overweight) And aspartame really has an affect on me. But, just because you arent showing signs that its hurting your body doesnt mean its not hurting you in the long run. I also had problems with Splenda(which is in dietrite) but not as bad. Atleast reg. coke didnt show signs it would kill me right away..lol I just want to thank god that i had a wake up call on how dangerous this stuff is. I think i will stick to water and pure juices. And another thing I really hope what your saying about aspartame is true with the Low carb diet revolution people will be killing themselves to be thin but then again that is what we have always done. Thanks to aspartame there are now 3 things i avoid completely cigarettes, drugs and aspartame.
    Posted by Amanda from TN at 8:03 PM EST on Jan 11th, '04

    Well, I dont know about the rest of you, But I will not touch it. Besides form tasting GROSS, It gives me headaches within 5 minutes of drinking it. And all this happened before I even knew about this Aspartame, so it wasnt in my head.
    Posted by Nullafy at 7:57 AM EST on Jan 12th, '04

    Quote: "If they would only open 'n can of Coke Light and experience it - they will then too become firm believers that there is only one drink. I can not go through a day without it."

    I don't care if you think you're right or not, because I know you're not. But anyway, consuming excessive daily amounts of Aspartame over more than one year causes your body to become addicted (see statement above). It DOES cause cancer and other adverse affects once it accumulates in your body enough. This is the blunt truth. You can accept it or not.

    most enlightening. jon you poor fellow, you seem so quiet. the wackos pointed out bad personal experiences with aspartame, alongside the obvious particulars of monsanto, searle & co and the agenda of the fda; the 'sanes' (so to speak) used the argument "but it tastes so good."

    you haven't persuaded anyone that aspartame is safe. if anything, i am reaffirmed in my belief that the majority opinion should always undergo scrutiny. i am with the wackos all the way.

    well, seriously mate, i'll drink to your sanity and reasoning, and your researching skills, but i'll have a nice cup of tea and YOU take the foul-tasting, expensive, cumulative poison. i am not a fanatic, i just avoid it. period. bye now!
    Posted by rabbi rob at 5:54 PM EST on Feb 17th, '04

    ....He did the studies on aspartic acid, 40% of aspartame and found it caused lesions in the brains of mice. He attempted to stop the approval of aspartame but the pharmaceutical industry was too powerful. Even when the FDA wanted Searle indicted for fraud both U.S. Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired.............
    Click for Documentation
    Posted by WakeupJon at 10:19 AM EST on Feb 25th, '04

    NutraSweet ~ Equal ~ "Sugar Free" ~ Neotame
    By James Bowen, M.D. and
    Arthur M. Evangelista, former FDA Investigator
    (c) 06 May 2002
    Posted by WakeupJon at 2:50 PM EST on Feb 27th, '04

    I have read some of the junk (namely the abuse) and some of the interesting points posted here. I would just like to say that due to the huge influence of the government and other large concerns who effectively support each other, one will never actually find out the truth before it is too late. I cannot understand those of you who blindly believe that which is put into print just because it comes from an allegedly reputable source. The question you should be posing yourselves is; is this an independent body ie no government or industrial connections...if not I would treat the things heard or read to coin a phrase "with a pinch of salt". You should basically decide for yourselves though I must admit if I am not sure I would be cautious.....a european opinion from a doctoral student in chemistry........

    I have done extensive research (about 30 seconds worth) Diet Coke can cause all of the problems listed above.

    headaches, spasms, depression, mania, by not drinking enough diet coke.

    insomnia, dizziness, by drinking too much diet coke (or it could be the caffien(?))

    joint pain, by drinking diet coke too fast and developing tennis elbow from the 12 oz curls

    cramps, poor memory, slurred speech, ringing in ears, sexual problems, nausea, poor vision by drink diet coke mixed with strong spirits (rum, whisky the occassional ghost)

    rashes from drinking diet coke with strong spirits and NOT developing sexual problems (see your doctor for some penicillin)

    burning eyes, mouth sores,

    seizures, hair loss, not enough diet coke being consumed

    bloating, racing heart, high blood pressure, by drinking diet coke while eating pizza and or pickled eggs

    birth defects by believing diet coke cause problems

    "one will never actually find out the truth before it is too late"

    Too late??? Aspartame has been on the market for 30 years. If the "truth" that Aspartame detractors want to sell us hasn't been established in 30 years, then maybe it's not the truth. 30 years and no peer reviewed studies that can show Aspartame to even be as dangerous as peanuts or milk. Caution is a good thing until it turns into irrationality.

    My doctor took me off all soda pop because I couldn't lose weight and I have had chronic diarrhea for two years. It all started with drinking a case-plus of Diet Coke a week. I am getting better, but I think I am permamently damaged and it blows (no pun intended) to have to be within running distance of a toilet at all times. I remember when Diet Slice came out in the 80's- it made me and my friends nauseous. I am not a whacko- I don't religiously avoid all sweetners- but when I have even a little bit- off to the potty I go! If I had only known!
    Posted by Margaret at 11:43 AM EST on Apr 5th, '04

    "one will never actually find out the truth before it is too late"

    Too late???

    Have a look at cigarettes they've also been around for countless years and its only now that people are starting to acknowledge the fact that they might just be harmful. If you however ask the tobacco companies I'm sure they'll tell you that there is no established connection between lung cancer and smoking and yes for those who have already died it is too late. Just because certain groups have the audacity to question the respectability of certain scientific studies the truth takes much longer to surface. Though I guess for most people living in ignorance is a lot easier.

    2004-04-07 | SACRAMENTO, California: Lawsuits were filed in three separate California courts against twelve companies who either produce or use the artificial sweetener aspartame as a sugar substitute in their products. The suits were filed in Shasta, Sonoma and Butte County, California, yesterday........

    NutraSweet Is Politically Sour...
    In a breaking story, The Louisiana Weekly has learned that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against some of America's leading corporations for using the artificial sweetener aspartame despite knowing that it had neurotoxic effects on human beings......

    Pepsi, Coke in the dock again — And this time it's Aspartame
    Pratap Ravindran
    Pune , April 30
    COCA-COLA, PepsiCo and a whole bunch of other big companies are in the dock again, this time around because of their use of the artificial sweetener, aspartame........
    Posted by Lawsuits at 9:18 AM EST on May 11th, '04

    You ADA link above is broken. Here's the correct link, I think:


    I really think it's important to have that link because it nails it for me. The American Dietetic Association has no bias or beef with anyone, and they say that Aspartame is as safe as any other natural food you eat. Sure a 1 gram packet of Equal has approx .1 grams of methanol in it, and people typically use 1 or 2 in every glass of tea, if they use it (and approximately the same in a diet soda). Sure methanol turns into formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is bad for you. But methanol is a naturally occurring compound! Do some research, and you'll se it's in a lot of things we eat, and in greater concentration. If you quit drinking Diet Coke because it contains methanol, then quit eating tomatoes, carrots, beef, chicken, fish, wheat etc., because it's there as well.

    John...I'm sorry...I don't care how convincing you are...Aspartame is not good for you...just like many things are not good for you. I had Fibromyalgia for 17 years...was barely able to walk anymore and was a heavy Diet Coke drinker...an environmental Dr (new name for allergists) who treated me had me get off artificial sweetners, any foods or beverages in aluminum and partially or fully hydrongenated fats and oils. Guess what? Fibromyalgia which is supposedly incurable...well I've been symptom free going on three years. All these additives in foods and beverages are not good for us...but it can be a combination of things...our liver can just detox our bodies so much...give it too much of certain things or things like some heavy metals that just continue to accumulate in your body and you are going to have symptoms...you are going to get sick...you may die. Aspartame is addictive...like smoking you will probably increase your consumption...so if you can substitute it with a healthy alternative...do so. An overload of toxins is what causes certain pain that we get and what causes us to get ill. Don't overdo...moderation of these things...and a healthy lifestyle...healthy foods, vitamins & minerals and exercise can help eliminate toxins that you do ingest, breath or absorb. I feel strongly that the evidence is out there on Aspartame and that it will eventually be taken off the market...hopefully a safer alternative will take it's place and the Diet Coke drinkers can still have their fix.
    Posted by Rene'e at 11:13 AM EST on Jun 7th, '04

    "I feel strongly that the evidence is out there on Aspartame and that it will eventually be taken off the market."

    Right. Well, good luck with that.

    I've been posting this info for the last six years. In that time nothing has changed. The anti-aspartame wackos keep saying the exact same thing. Studies still fail to link Aspartame to anything bad. And the flood of Aspartame related problems fail to materialize.

    Hundreds of millions of people consume Aspartame every day. They're fine. They have been fine. They'll continue to be fine. Get over it.

    You're sort of an idiot, aren't you? And I mean that in the classic sense of the word.

    I had migraines. I used to drink Diet Coke just about every day. I've been doing so since I was a kid. I quit a year ago. I have had exactly two migraines this year (as opposed to my usual one or two a month). I got one after drinking a diet Coke that a student gave me (with lime! whoopie!). I got the other after eating a piece of chocolate from France that was sweetened with asparatame.

    If you are sensitive to it, it's dangerous.

    One final comment: aspartame is on the market because monsanto paid for it to be there. More than 75% of the FDA's complaints come from aspartame-sweetened product.

    You are free to be a bonehead. It's a free country. But I'll bet you a bazillion dollars that half of the headaches of America would disappear if the folks would get off the crap soda, which leeches calcium out of your bones anyway.

    Posted by miller at 12:34 PM EST on Jun 10th, '04

    "But I'll bet you a bazillion dollars that half of the headaches of America would disappear"

    Interesting theory. But unfortunately there is no increase in headaches which coincides with the increase in Aspartame use.

    So, once again, if Aspartame causes headaches why aren't we seeing a massive increase in the rate of headaches? Once again you just want to trot out some tired conspiracy theories and anecdotal stories.

    So first it was brain cancer, now were down to headaches, and still no numbers to back it up.

    Oh man, I just luaghed so loudly I scared my neighbors, hehe. I love when people just ramble on about something and after that they say: "It's a free country", but when someone gives proof and talks/writes about something coherently they try to ridiculize and shut you up .

    Well... anyway, about the guy right up there, if you had migraines, caffeine is not the advisable thing to have in your drinks, if for some reason you had to stop drinking it for a while the first symptom of its abstinence syndrome it's headaches.
    Posted by Links at 2:27 PM EST on Jun 26th, '04

    Hey anonymous... you're a retard.
    Open your eyes you turd.

    Oooh noooo!!! Everytime I drink Coke I'm drinking AMERICAN CORPORATE POISON!!!

    Go to hell you facking socialist.
    (This coming from someone from a Communist country)
    Posted by Jialiu at 3:00 AM EST on Aug 8th, '04

    I am not a diet coke drinker, and, never will be. When I say "Diet Coke", i mean Aritificial sweeteners that are in drinks, not just Diet coke. Unfortunately no one is willing enough to do an actual study. So far I've found out that diet coke drinkers have said...nothing. All of you diet coke drinkers just try to find excuses to drink it. Thats not going to solve the problem wether you like it or not. I'm not saying you have to get off diet coke. Thats your desicion. I have incountered aspartame before, in a drink called Propel (gatorade product). I don't know how you can drink diet soda, it tastes horrible. I got a headache right away when I drank the stuff.


    Jon give up, the oh so called "wackos" are making more sense than you are.
    Posted by Niobia at 11:44 AM EST on Aug 11th, '04


    You're great at manipulating people. Have you really done a study on Aspartame? I don't think you have, at least not a good study on it. And plus, your drinking Diet Coke, have you ever tried to get off it? I'm sure you get symptoms from drinking Diet Coke. You know you do. Your aggressive, which is a diffinate sign of aspartame in your system. I have done my own research on Aspartame, I looked at what the FDA wrote about it, its not convincing enough for me, and you can't trust the FDA. I don't think you will ever know what Diet Coke - Aspartame, can do to you. Actually You DO know, you just keep telling yourself that its OK to drink it. Good Luck with that! And you call yourself smarter than most people?! UGH! You know,I guess that the people that try to get other people off Diet Coke are "Wakos", because they try and save your stupid butts. Think for once.

    This list of posts is great. I love how it covers everything from science to bullshit, communism to capitalism, addiction to religion, to, well, anything that was said above this. If i were to listen to some of the advice here while NOT being a hypocrite I would have to have my own place out in the middle of nowhere living off the land eating only natural products and talking to nobody. Nothing against the Amish, but a lot of people call them crazy, and I bet they still get cancer. What's my point? There isn't one. Do what you do. Oh, and I just love the "do it in moderation" group. They are my fav. No shit, if the whole world did everything in moderation it would be a worldwide utopia. I like that everyone is different, we all have choices and variety. Fat people want to be thin. Thin people want to drink more diet coke. Sick people want to blame something for their problems. Bad things do happen to good people. and bad people.......trying to come up with another over-used-life-advice cliche.......how about "Git ur done!" that's a popular one lately. I'm all about getin' stuff done. That's hot. In fact, I love stuff and should tell everyone to do more stuff. Ooops, am I not making sense anymore, like some of the funny, funny people on this page. Maybe its because I've had too much rum in with my lime diet coke. I just love it with the lime, it eliminates a whole step when I mix my rum and diet cokes. Did I mention they are carb free? Oh no, not two poisons in one, diet coke and alcohol. Mmmm.....alcohol. It's my chosen poisen. I'm addicted to it. But nobody flips out when I order a beer. Oh thats right, it doesn't contain aspartame. Mayby all the people on this site who are thinking its their mission to get everyone off aspartame should do something useful and help alcoholics stop drinking a known problem causer.
    Oh, and to the next person after me that posts I either need help, or a life, AA, or all three, or I should try and be serious, I say, haahh, you're an incredible stater of the obvious. See the "do everything in moderation" group of people, they are your kind.

    Peace to all and enjoy all the fun of life, like sex, rock n roll, and lime diet coke!
    Posted by Big Poppa at 10:35 PM EST on Aug 30th, '04

    Listen Big,

    I think your sick. What are you thinking? Yeah right your all about getting stuff done.? I think you've lost too many brain cells, Big. Why don't you just drink water? Its much tastier than lime diet coke and rum, (nasty). Well I'm glad your living the simple life, no care in the world. God get a life.

    Ur foundation is nutrition ... it's COMMON Sense &&& the oldest saying in The BOOK, "U R what U eat" ...

    eVeryone knows in their heart &&& gut that Diet COKE is artificial crap ... why be Artificial CRAP ...

    eat Whole FOOD as close to the source as possible - this is hard eNUFF without ADDING further insult to Ur body in the FORM of DCoke
    Posted by smokey at 3:52 AM EST on Sep 18th, '04

    Posted by Wake Up at 12:30 PM EST on Sep 23rd, '04

    Coca Cola would be bankrupt by now if it were true, imagine just how many people would sue if they could prove it was the diet coke that gave them the problems they imagine they suffer from. Also if it was that dangerous it would either be illegal(Dude, Legalise Diet Coke!) or the packaging would have to carry a warning. This is as stupid as the "Fish fingers are full of poisons!!1!!!!111!" stuff.

    Ooh! This just reminded me, one of Sainsbury(UK Supermarket)'s shower gels has formaldehyde in it(yes, really, it's listed in the ingredients), interesting eh? Maybe that's just me then.

    Posted by Vicki at 5:25 PM EST on Oct 4th, '04

    I drank Diet Coke for years, I also drank Diet Mt Dew and Diet Pepsi and I must say that the only side affects *twitch* that *twitch* I got from any of *twitch* those was feeling thristy *twitch* all the time and *twitch* water weight *twitch* gain.

    I really have no idea where my hairy nipples came from or how the webbing formed between my toes, but I chalk that up to years of watching too many Starsky & Hutch *twitch* re-runs.
    Posted by DomitianX at 5:45 PM EST on Oct 4th, '04

    Listen Vicki, do you eat shower gel? I don't think so...If you do, well you're weird. Vicki, not that many PEOPLE KNOW about artificial sweeteners...DUH! If people KNEW about it then Coca-Cola would be in Hot Water right now. And when you try to tell people about artificial sweeteners they don't want to listen to you. Diet Coke is addictive so when someone tells you that what your consuming is bad for them, they don't want to believe it..would you? Think abou' it.

    yo I love the Diet Coke man! It the bomb! Yo kno what I be sayin? it great man! great for da yo! Righ' man? Tha righ'. You kno' what I be tellin' yo now, tellin'. you know wha I be sayin'? Diet coke grea' man! tastes like diet coke! drink the diet coke man!
    Posted by djpunck at 2:02 PM EST on Nov 15th, '04

    tbh I disagree with you on this...

    ..the Softdrinks Industry has a huge lobby (and LOTS of cash! .. correction LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of CASH!!!)

    Don't believe everything the FDA says... as they are probably on the industrie's Payrole one way or another! ..and the Pharma Industry actually WANTS sick people to buy their medications. Hell.. if they can convince the public that Marijuhana is bad for you soft drinks (where you usuallay don't exactly KNOW what you are consuming) should be a doddle. ;)
    Posted by monstabyte at 2:42 PM EST on Nov 20th, '04

    Erm and @Vicki:

    If things that were bad for you were illegal.. don't you think McD' (watch "Supersize Me!") would be illegal? Not to mention tobacco and alcohol...

    I pity you for your extremely naive perspective!
    Posted by monstabyte (again!) at 2:45 PM EST on Nov 20th, '04

    I just browsed through a few of the postings from 2001 to now.

    If drinking diet cola is causing you problems, stop drinking it. If it's not causing you problems, drink it. One day we may figure out(asbestos is a good example) that constant exposure causes problems or cancer but we're not there yet.

    I'd also be interested to know how many of you who "would never drink aspartame", smoke, drink or do drugs instead. All of those things are ACTUALLY proven to be bad for you. How can you expect anyone to take your comments about potential "poison" seriously if you continue to kill yourself with actual poisons?
    Posted by Beau in Canada at 12:05 AM EST on Jan 9th, '05

    im one of the wackos who avoids aspartame. i used to eat the stuff occasionally and thought nothing of it. one day i found an outlet shop selling trays of mints sweetened with aspartame real cheap. after a few packets i started eating the mints a bit compulsively. i also noticed that i was biting the inside of my cheeks causing little cuts which is very unusual for me. my wife noticed similar symptoms. i had heard nothing negitive about aspartame at that time, but a web search revealed hundreds of negative stories. a friend of mine very sensitive to his body reported similar negatives to aspartame.
    as for the devotees:
    as-par-ta-me = "its part of me"


    The research in this report, that you mentioned in a comment, was paid for by the producer of aspartame.
    Here's a quote at the end of that page:
    [quote]The study was conducted at MIT's CRC. Electro-encephalograms were done at the Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. This work was supported by a grant from the NutraSweet Co. to the Center for Brain Sciences and Metabolism Charitable Trust.[/quote]

    Needless to say, that clearly opens up the possibility that it was biased.

    Also, you say:
    [quote]So, once again, if Aspartame causes headaches why aren't we seeing a massive increase in the rate of headaches? Once again you just want to trot out some tired conspiracy theories and anecdotal stories.[/quote]
    Actually, migraine (persistent headaches) have become more prevalent in the last 30 years. I wouldn't know if there'even one sole cause though.

    Now, I'm not saying that it's going to kill you or anything like that.

    If someone likes to drink Diet Coke, that's fine by me. Just as long as he knows there's a controversial and possibly dangerous substance in it, it's his own choice. But as long as people drink it without knowing about any possible dangers, it's not their own choice. They are told it is safe when perhaps it isn't. As long as people are properly informed, and it's their free choice ONCE they are properly informed, than it's fine by me. But industry-paid-for research like that one cannot possibly be considered unbiased information.

    The same goes , unfortunately nowadays, from information from the FDA.
    Posted by Crusty_Ass at 5:55 PM EST on Jan 18th, '05

    LOBBYISTS from soft drinks are very smart and their power and billions of dollars are put in use to BRAINWASH us. The truth is: Aspartame is a excitotoxin man made crap that the media is making us believe that ""NAH Aspartame doesn't cause medical problems and its safe when taken in small doses"" Nothing its further the truth people! ....
    Internet, TV, Magazines and already brainwashed people are all making us believe that aspartame its OK to drink. MONEY, DINERO, DOLLARS, THE GREEN STUFF and POWER thats what they want and they will do ANYTHING, including making people sick, in order to have what they want.
    MY ADVICE: if you want to drink a soft drink, drink a REGULAR coke (it is still crap, but better than Diet Coke) better yet, drink an Organic Cola. Another ADVICE: Don't trust what the FTC, FDA and other Trade Associations have to say, there is ALOT of corruption in this country already when it comes to food and healthcare. Aspartame as well as other man made sweets might not kill you instantly, but 1000000% sure it's killing you little by little without you realizing it and without much strong symptoms for some people at first. This man made crap its not natural and its not what mother nature intended. Years from now FDA might say just like what happened with cigarrets "OPS, Aspartame its not so good for our body after all, maybe you should stop taking it" ..
    People, right now softdrinks are making millions of dollars by selling their Diet coke and an ignorant person will buy it believing that it will help him/her loose or not gain weight... As long as they are making their millions, Aspartame will still be "OK" to drink and "will not cause any negative effects on you" BULL.
    Diet Coke its cheaper to make than Regular Coke, so this is why its promoted very heavily through media.
    Drink alot of Water or Wine and beer in moderation. If you want coke, drink Regular Coke at least it has regular sugar and not aspartame. Stay away from ALL Diet stuff because you are being tricked and deceived. These Diet products has toxins such as aspartame and many others man made ingredients, these ingredients on Diet stuff will make you FAT and cause other medical problems in the future.

    Read "Aspartame is it safe?"

    God Bless


    Posted by YO, FOLKS, WAKE UP !!!!!! really WAKE UP at 12:40 AM EST on Feb 3rd, '05

    well, i understand the logic put up here, but shud we think that these "bad boys" r always wrong, well aspartame is bad and its an open secret now, the question is y the big bros r not accepting it, its here for the last 30 yrs, do we care to think how long did it take to find out that regular smoking/alcohol are bad? how many people u know who got affected by throat or liver cancer from drinking or smoking? u can put up a site and question this also. do not forget the issue of money involved here, soft drinks industry is a big industry. And you r not a doctor or a scientist, there is no point that people shud trust u just becos u r having diet coke and u think ur fine and u ve seen some good words in some govt sites. The bottom line is - THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE
    Posted by basu at 9:08 AM EST on Feb 4th, '05

    well ur posts makes me feel that u r a fool and ignorant or perhaps somebody from the industry itself...what u have put up in this site is a crap.

    god bles
    Posted by basu at 9:24 AM EST on Feb 4th, '05

    By the way...build up of toxins in ur body causes cancer...what are those toxins? those toxins are for example Aspartame, sucrose corn syrup, and lots and lots of different men made chemicals that are mostly added on Diet products. There are tests made that will purposely give favorable results for chemicals such as aspartame (Aspartame its OK to drink). Then, they show this results through the internet and other media and this is how people get brainwash. Millions of dollars are put in use in order to come up with positive test results for aspartame. people will think its ok to drink/eat products with aspartame and thats how the company make their millions by selling you toxic produts. Aspartame its addictive and will make you buy more and more. will give you medical problems without you realizing it at first. Eventually as time passes by, you will be wondering... "why Im I having this symptom, why im I feeling tire, why im i feeling lazy, weak, why im i feeling depress, how come i cant concentrate?" and so on and on.... and you will have NO clue that aspartame as well as other men made chemicals are the main reason why you are having those symptoms.

    Food companies are clever, they brainwash you, they make you addictive to their product, they make you sick so that you go to a doctor and spend money on a drug or shot. (Food and healthcare are connected) thats why you have the FDA (FOOD and DRUG administration). and Money its the main and only reason why this is all happening
    Posted by WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 11:51 PM EST on Feb 4th, '05

    Well, kids and kiddies, I have been drinking Diet Coke since I was in college (the Dark Ages), I found they went quite well with the breakfast of the day (Snickers Bar). To this day, I am neither diluted, dilusional, (though my spelling could be a bit off) mentally injured, and not suffering with cancer or the other evil demons that Aspartame is supposedly connected with. In short, please find another cause to hitch your wagon to; your poor horse is tired of hauling your load of POOP. TTFN
    Posted by Vinnie Castalonov at 6:14 AM EST on Feb 9th, '05

    I came here looking for the other side of the Aspartame story --- I followed the link given for an MIT study showing no links to claimed aspartame maladies -- what I found is that the study only lasted 4 months (I found no claim that aspartame caused noticeable symptoms in the short term.)and the really big flaw was this "This work was supported by a grant from the NutraSweet Co. to the Center for Brain Sciences and Metabolism Charitable Trust." Even as an undergrad we were taught to look at who funded the study first---and judge the results accordingly.
    Please, does anyone have any CREDIBLE studies that show that aspartame is safe.
    (I work in a research lab at Caltech -- a Nobel Laureate's lab)

    So I followed your links to organizations that say aspartame is safe:

    The FDA - This is just an "FDA TALK PAPER" regarding a recently published scientific study (1996 at the time of this paper) that showed some link to brain tumors ---this only addresses their review process in 1981 and that rat brain tumor info was insufficiently addressed until they got further studies done in Japan (

    American Dietetic Association - link gone

    Centers for Disease Control - only an assessment of passively collected date on aspartame (i.e. they didn't do a study - they just collected complaints --back in '83-'84)

    International Food Information Council Foundation - link gone

    American Diabetes Association - only site that says it is safe: "Low calorie sweeteners are safe for everyone except people with phenylketonuria, who should not use aspartame. Calorie-free sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and acesulfame-K won't increase your blood glucose level." There is no study here ---they are only addressing how aspartame does not raise blood sugar levels in diabetics.

    Once again --- where do I find the impartial, peer-reviewed studies that show it is safe -- I can't use any of this stuff to refute the aspartame loonies

    Posted by Mshpak at 12:33 PM EST on Feb 9th, '05

    So not wanting to give up I went directly to the FDA site to find the studies that showed aspartame safe, Instead I found this:
    "From: Mark Gold [mgold@shelltown.net]
    Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 11:18 PM
    To: fdadockets@oc.fda.gov
    Subject: Docket # 02P-0317 Recall Aspartame as a Neurotoxic Drug: File
    #9: Recent Independent Aspartame Research

    Subject: Docket # 02P-0317

    To: FDA Dockets Submittal

    From: Mark D. Gold
    Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
    12 East Side Dr., Suite 2-18
    Concord, NH 03301

    Date: January 12, 2002

    Please find below Evidence File #9: Recent Independent Aspartame Research

    Recent Independent Aspartame Research Results

    (1998 - 2002)
    The results of recent independent research continue the trend of research
    not funded by the manufacturer finding serious problems with aspartame
    ingestion. Details about other independent research demonstrating the
    hazards of aspartame ingestion can be found in the Aspartame FAQs and
    Aspartame Scientific Abuse web pages.

    Table of Contents

    Aspartame Ingestion Causes Formaldehyde Accumulation in the Body
    Aspartame and MSG Cause to Painful Fibromyalgia Symptoms
    Aspartame and Brain Tumors (Swedish Study)
    Aspartame Causes Memory Loss



    Aspartame Ingestion Causes Formaldehyde Accumulation in the Body
    Excerpt from:

    Trocho, C., et al., 1998. "Formaldehyde Derived From Dietary Aspartame
    Vinds to Tissue Components in vivo," Life Sciences, Vol. 63, No. 5, pp.
    337+, 1998

    "These are indeed extremely high levels for adducts of formaldehyde, a
    substance responsible for chronic deleterious effects that has also been
    considered carcinogenic.
    "It is concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard
    because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts."

    "It was a very interesting paper, that demonstrates that formaldehyde
    formation from aspartame ingestion is very common and does indeed
    accumulate within the cell, reacting with cellular proteins (mostly
    enzymes) and DNA (both mitochondrial and nuclear). The fact that it
    accumulates with each dose, indicates grave consequences among those who
    consume diet drinks and foodstuffs on a daily basis." (Neuroscientist
    Russell Blaylock, MD)



    Aspartame and MSG Cause to Painful Fibromyalgia Symptoms
    Ann Pharmacother 2001 Jun;35(6):702-6
    Relief of fibromyalgia symptoms following discontinuation of dietary
    Smith JD, Terpening CM, Schmidt SO, Gums JG. Malcolm Randall Veterans
    Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, FL, USA.

    BACKGROUND: Fibromyalgia is a common rheumatologic disorder that is often
    difficult to treat effectively. CASE SUMMARY: Four patients diagnosed with
    fibromyalgia syndrome for two to 17 years are described. All had undergone
    multiple treatment modalities with limited success. All had complete, or
    nearly complete, resolution of their symptoms within months after
    eliminating monosodium glutamate (MSG) or MSG plus aspartame from their
    diet. All patients were women with multiple comorbidities prior to
    elimination of MSG. All have had recurrence of symptoms whenever MSG is
    ingested. DISCUSSION: Excitotoxins are molecules, such as MSG and
    aspartate, that act as excitatory neurotransmitters, and can lead to
    neurotoxicity when used in excess. We propose that these four patients may
    represent a subset of fibromyalgia syndrome that is induced or exacerbated
    by excitotoxins or, alternatively, may comprise an excitotoxin syndrome
    that is similar to fibromyalgia. We suggest that identification of similar
    patients and research with larger numbers of patients must be performed
    before definitive conclusions can be made. CONCLUSIONS: The elimination of
    MSG and other excitotoxins from the diets of patients with fibromyalgia
    offers a benign treatment option that has the potential for dramatic
    results in a subset of patients. PMID: 11408989



    Aspartame and Brain Tumors
    A published study in Sweden that looked at various possible causes of
    brain tumors (e.g., cell phones, aspartame) found a link between use of
    diet drinks and certain types of large brain tumors in middle-aged and
    elderly population groups. http://www.medscape.com/MedGenMed/braintumors



    Aspartame Causes Memory Loss
    Subject(s): ASPARTAME -- Physiological effect; NONNUTRITIVE sweeteners
    Side effects; MEMORY
    Source: Psychology Today, Mar/Apr 2001, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p20, 2/5p

    Section: [Nutrition] Facts&Findings
    New research suggests that the artificial sweetener aspartame may actually
    go to your head.
    By Peter Rebhahn

    Anecdotal evidence that aspartame disrupts memory has been growing since
    the sugar substitute was approved in the early 1980s, though attempts to
    prove the claim have so far been equivocal. Previous studies have tested
    memory by asking aspartame users to remember lists of words or numbers--
    tests of short-term memory. But according to Timothy M. Barth, Ph.D., a
    psychology professor at Texas Christian University, those studies focused
    on the wrong type of memory.

    In his study of 90 students, Barth found that participants who regularly
    drank diet sodas containing aspartame performed as well as nonusers on
    laboratory tests. However, aspartame users were more likely to report
    long-term memory lapses like forgetting details of personal routines or
    whether or not a task had been completed.

    "These people aren't crazy," says Barth. Instead, "the type of memory
    problems they report are not the type of memories that have been assessed
    in the typical laboratory study."

    After reporting his findings at a recent Society for Neuroscience meeting,
    Barth cautioned that he thinks it's premature to condemn aspartame. But he
    does worry about the largely untested effects of long-term use. Already,
    he has made some converts. "Several of my graduate students who drank diet
    soda no longer do."

    So I am still looking for the 'it's safe' studies --

    Posted by Mshpak at 12:46 PM EST on Feb 9th, '05

    Ok guys im enjoying reading this as I wait for WoW to get done with server maintence.
    A: Scientist seem to not know from one day to another if milk or water are actually good for us.
    B: Im a political science major and yes money does corrupt, but you have to understand that if the risks were absolute and proven than there would be a world wide retract of the product. If there wasn't coke would be shutdown, by the government you all choose to hate so much.
    C: One study will say one thing and another will say something. I know its hard for a lot of you but try and stay objective in your arguements. No one can tell me conclusivly that Diet Coke kills.
    D: The arguement is actually completely ridiculus. Do you people not realize that it is common knowledge that acid for coke is shipped in hazard
    waste containers. I know this and I still drink it. Tell me if I drink 12 cans a day itll cause cancer. Ill drink 11 a day
    E: Jon hi and i actually found this site looking up world of warcraft. You people who attack this poor programmer need to back up, hes a programmer who drinks diet coke for gosh sakes. I see people attacking his character above here and this is ridiculous.
    F: I tell ya what, why not all you coke crazy woohoo no life godda complain about something but eat prosessed to hell food hypocrits, why dont your group go see why kids are shooting other kids, or why there are people that make over 1 million dollars a year and there are people who have to make do with $3000 a year. Or better yet your group likes to bash homosexuals and their rights, lets get on that subject as well

    Sorry fo my little bit of insight but jon you rock

    I have only just heard of Aspartame tonight because I have been feeling pretty awful recently and after eliminating everything except precious diet coke but I have to finally admit that diet coke may be the cause of my problems, as for aspartame I couldn't possibly comment one way or another, but shame on me and the diet coke culture I have to give it up, it just isn't happening for me anymore. Your help for an appropriate substitute would be appreciated
    Posted by rosiegoescrazy at 4:59 PM EST on Mar 13th, '05

    First off, I have to agree with Draycon. Leave the poor guy alone! All he is, is some guy who likes Diet Coke, and has heard, along with many of you, the rumours about it being dangerous, and is trying to find out if it is or not. Like holy shit!(pardon my french) All you "wackos" as Jon likes to put it, its great that your sharing your opinions, and theory's, but why would you give a rats ass if people enjoy the taste of diet coke? and some people you dont even know are killing themselves? I understand your trying to make a point but, I mean do you go and lecture every f*cking person you see smoking a cigerate? I mean COMMON! The guys just stating his own goddamn oppinion! If you want to share yours go create your own f*cking website. And if you already have good for you! Go post your f*cking ideas on yours! If people would prefer to kill themselves, because everyone hear has heard the rumours, then let them! Like holy shit people! I cant believe Im even attributing to this mockery! This is completely absured! You people should seriously get a life! I know its good to have an unbiased opinion, but some of you people are just here to try and make it seem like everyone who enjoys a nice cold drink of diet coke is completely insane! Does it make you feel better to make someone think they're going to die of brain cancer cause they drink 3 cans of diet coke everyday? And you dont even have enough proof? Im going to laugh in a couple of years when they prove these absurd rumours wrong. Well I hope you all realize how truley idiotic this whole thing is. Your 14 year old, diet coke drinker for three years know, and has never experienced any difference what-so-ever, friend, Jessica

    I've stopped drinking it now since my last post on the 13th of March and be it coincidence or not I feel so much better, my skin hair and weight are all feeling the benefit aswell. I wouldn't go as far as to blame diet coke on its own but perhaps all fizzy drinks taken in abundance cause major problems as does overindulgence in anything.
    Posted by rosiegoescrazy at 4:06 PM EST on Jul 5th, '05

    Personally, I don't trust any soda company AT ALL. I drink more water than anything. I still have my points about Diet sodas and how it can affect your body, and this site didn't change my point at all, because it used sarcasm in stupid ways and it cussed to make a point across... Good job!

    First of all, if the FDA and all other organizations are so good about researching this topic and proclaiming it safe, than why is it they have allowed so many other products, drugs, and chemicals through the first time only to find they are dangerous and then pull them? I just question the politics surrounding these organizations and therefore, question there research as a result. I also know for a fact, that they do not do full research and testing on every single item they approve for consumption and in fact, very little items actually get thoroughly tested due to time restraints and profit loss of the companies looking for quick approval. Money, money, money runs the world and nothing else. I do not know the true answer, but do not trust ANYONE, even the FDA. Plus, if Diet Coke among many, many other substances approved by FDA, is so safe and wonderful; than WHY are people addicted to it???? Kind of like the ephedrin crap going on - look where that got people - dead or permanently changed. Remember when Coke products were approved in the beginning when it was named for it's most effective ingredient - COCAINE? Guess they were wrong on that one too, eh? ALL companies out there strive to get their products selling and get people addicted to them in order to insure longevity and profit. The FDA does nothing to stop that and will never stop it. Looks like no one has the authority to say what is truly safe or not, which makes it a personal decision or an addict's decision. I do not drink any soda of any kind and stick to water and more natural liquids to drink, but I do have a friend whose Bells Palsy has been attributed to the Diet Soda thing and once she quit that drink, ALL her symptoms went away and stayed away including depression and fatigue. She recently began drinking 2 Diet Soda's a day and is already re-experiencing depression, fatigue and Bells Palsy. I admit I am confused by the obscene amount of data on this subject as I am with many other subjects, but everyone needs to get a grip and quit relying on organizations like the FDA to tell them what is okay and what is not. If it makes you sick, stop it. If not, than continue your Diet Soda addiction. Either way, quit tearing down people to get the point across and STOP THE IGNORANCE and IGNORANT REPLIES that claim that if it is still on the market, it must be safe. Are cigarettes safe? NOOOO, but they are still on the market!!!! like for example;

    " I thank you for that web site i have been arguing with this lady that i work with about diet coke for 2 days telling her that it can't be that bad because it is still on the market..."
    Posted by Erin at 5:14 PM EST on May 17th, '01


    "I think that this article is absolutely 100% correct - People have this opinion about aspartame and it sucks. If they would only open 'n can of Coke Light and experience it - they will then too become firm believers that there is only one drink. I can not go through a day without it. Keep up the good work - forget about the losers - who needs them?!?!?"
    Posted by CCL at 3:11 AM EST on Apr 28th, '01

    What the hell kind of argument are those besides just being ignorant or addicted. Can't go a day without it? Jeez, sounds very sad. Let's get some brain juices flowing here to figure out the true answer and quit this nonsense!

    Posted by BauJaibi at 3:16 PM EST on Jul 13th, '05

    You should be a lot more worried about the amount of caffine you are consuming in all that diet coke. Caffine, in large, but realistic, doses has been credibly shown to have negetive health impacts.
    Posted by the indigo lemon at 12:54 PM EST on Jul 25th, '05

    I had something to say...but now I can't remember what it was. I asked my roommates to remind me why we were inspired to make an entree...but they can't remember either. WTF?? One of my roommates Doctor says she has Multiple Sclurosis. One roommate is sure she has Lupus. The other has problems with balance and inner-ear stuff...I (der) can't remember what they call it...Verdigo?? Well, we are all 19 year olds...and now the Doctors at the University Medical Center are saying that more than 75% of the 18,000 students at our University are sick and suffering from stocked supplies of Diet Sodas that have been stored in warehouses that are NOT temperature controlled. So anyway... we have lawyers suing the University, the Univ is begging to settle with the 4 of us for $18million. NOW however, MORE students are coming out of the woodworks... SICK... Appearantly... leaving cases of Diet Soda stored in temps over 90degrees... PAYS OFF!!!
    Posted by iLuvJkSunDays at 11:38 PM EST on Jul 30th, '05

    tnxs for the info now i know that diet coke aint sooo bad and knowing theres a really low chance of getting cancer and sh*t so like moving on to diet coke than the regular stuff welll watevr tnx

    I have been sick for months, I barely eat. A little bit of fruit and a light meal every couple of days. All I drink is diet soda. I am addicted to it but I am so sick that I will try anything to get better. I also take twentysome meds a day. I'll let you know. I am not a wacko just a sick mom that needs to get better.

    Posted by LitlBit at 11:41 PM EST on Aug 7th, '05

    About Aspartame. You're a moron Jon. How do you thing lab techs make fat rats because feeding them a ton of food a day just won't work as rats are naturally skinny? They inject them with an ingredient from Aspartame - MSG - the world's most fattening agent because it forces the pancreas to secrete insulin at a rate 3 times higher than sugar.

    So drink up Shriner.
    Posted by Wolfen244 at 5:27 PM EST on Aug 21st, '05

    >>I have been sick for months, I barely eat. A little bit of fruit and a light meal every couple of days.

    Trouble with appetite? See a good chiropractor.

    >>All I drink is diet soda. I am addicted to it...

    The MSG in it is very addicting. When something is addicting the addict will say and do anything as he is in denial. See Jon's original post and you'll know what I mean.

    >>...but I am so sick that I will try anything to get better.

    Eliminate all MSG or glutamic acid from your diet. Drink only steam distilled water for a while. Nothing more unless it is like fruit juice from let's say a company like Odwalla which contains no MSG. Here is one of their best items though it's expensive since it is really a meal in a can. http://www.odwalla.com/product1.asp?p=beverages&s=category&id=18

    Eat only U.S.D.A. certified fruits and vegetables. Nothing more.

    If you must eat meat. Eat only buffalo meat which you can obtain from the web. Here is just one site of many. http://bigskybuffalo.com/

    >>I also take twentysome meds a day.

    See a good chiropractor to get you off those damn things. I got off of high blood pressure and cholesterol medication and will never go back.

    >>I'll let you know. I am not a wacko just a sick mom that needs to get better.

    Call Dr. Brian Anthony in Soquel, California for some top recommendations for a good doctor in your area. He cured me of high blood pressure and if that can be done he will help you with a doctor in your area.

    Posted by Wolfen244 at 6:45 PM EST on Aug 21st, '05

    >>...we have lawyers suing the University...

    Which university?

    Posted by Wolfen244 at 6:37 PM EST on Aug 22nd, '05

    since deleting diet coke Sept 2004 and aspartame laced foods from my diet I have lost a great deal of weight, do not have joint pain headaches, ms like symptoms have abated, vision nearly normal depression gone etc etc etc so take heed.It does not happen overnight and I can only hope there is no permanent damage. Diet Coke is Diet DEATH
    Posted by annie at 8:52 PM EST on Sep 21st, '05

    I am a mum of three detoxing from diet coke after spending many years drinking about 2 litres a day. I have to admit that whether the stuff is good or bad it is the worse thing Ive done to my body. I lay here sick as a dog with massive migraines and no energy and wanting to be sick. Im not even sure that I can go on any longer and today is only day 3. My opinion is if I feel this bad surely this shit cannot be good for our bodies.
    Posted by another sick mom at 6:47 PM EST on Jan 1st, '06

    Hey, great site. I drink about 2 liters a day.(down from 6 liters when I was in university.) I don't drink coffee every doctor I've ever questioned felt that the aspertame was fine but the caffine might be a bit much....I don't have time to sleep much anyway. No one and I repeat NO ONE has ever died from diet coke....not even in the Gulf or latest war....Some of these people crack me up.
    Posted by Rugby Bish at 8:27 PM EST on Jan 22nd, '06

    Diet coke is bad for you, I have drunk around and over 2lt a day for the past 18 years.

    Last year after reading all the I gave it up for 3 months and felt fantastic (no headaches, no depression, no mood swings, no aches and clicks in the mornings, able to focus and concentrate).

    So what happened ... well people I am back but will not be a diet coke drinker from tomorrow !! IT IS A DRUG, when I smoked it was the same, you give up and go back because your body craves it, your brain tells you you enjoy it ... but the fact is your body craves the toxins.

    The only difference is not everyone hated the diet coke experience the first time you tried it, unlike smokers (who all choked with disgust ... but somehow still carried on) diet coke drinkers tend to enjoy the experience, that makes it harder to give up.

    When I gave up, I had over a week of severe migrains, fell down the stairs with a one of the many bad stomach cramps, could not focus at work or home and a whole load of other drawbacks, all as a result of giving up the drink I LOVE !!

    I want to raise a challenge, everyone reading this ... GIVE IT UP FOR 1 MONTH ... see how different you feel and report back honestly

    what have you got to loose ?

    Posted by Doug Elsley at 11:37 AM EST on Feb 3rd, '06

    I love this page. I am going to show it to my family members :) I drink a lot of Diet Coke...and always get bothered for it.

    Your research is fantastic! ;D My grandmother and I drink a lot of Diet Coke, and it has not caused problems. I did not believe the stuff people tossed at me.

    I disagree with the post on the FDA's finding that no one is allergic to aspartame. Myself and a friend of mine were interviewed by a FDA representative back in the early 80's because we were both having allergic reactions to it and neither one of us had any medical conditions that would result in a reaction to aspartame. My friend had been drinking diet sodas and I was drinking a powdered lemonade, both containing aspartame. The FDA representative agreed that we were having allergic reactions to it and that we should avoid it. However, he stated that it would not be removed from the market unless the "majority" of consumers were affected by it. So, like anything else, if you are allergic to it, don't use it.
    Posted by Dakota at 2:10 AM EST on Mar 3rd, '06

    Dakota, I also disagree that it's NOT an allergen, as I also have a bad reaction whenever I have it. Also I hate the aftertaste too, so I guess that's fine with me.

    I've heard both sides about it being dangerous, but not really knowing the details strongly of either argument i'm not in a position to argue it.

    Doug Elsley, what you describe sounds like the symptoms of a caffiene addiction to me. I avoid drinking softdrink at all (cept as a mixer with alcs) purely for health reasons. It's highly acidic and carbornated which doesn't help much either.
    Posted by LetterAfterZ at 9:04 AM EST on Mar 13th, '06

    Arh Coke, the evil liquid which once possesed me!
    What to say?
    Ive got it

    Coke a Cola symbol of free west.
    so just how much are you being paid?

    are you lot taking the piss? either you are uneducated, naive scum bags or you are in on the conspiracy. aspartame used to be on the pentagons lists as a bioweapon. dick cheney has or had a seat on the board of Searle - the company that synthesised the chemical in the 70's.

    i have a masters degree in biochemistry and i would not go anywhere near the stuff. i advise you do the same.

    ps. jon you sound like a complete cock

    I drink diet coke all the time and never had any bad reactions to it however; I ate some mac and cheese that contained something called Annatto and ended up with the most aweful case of hives, my mom also ate the same thing and also got the hives. It took me three weeks to figure out what was causing the problem.Beware any food containing this natural food coloring from Australia! It usually is yellow and can be in many different types of snack foods and dairy foods, also in medications.As I sit here itching I want to ask all of you to boycot any foods containing Annatto. Google annatto and see if this stuff is hurting you,your children or your pets!!!!!!!!!!! The information on effects of this stuff may amaze and shock you.I hope I can help a few of you in finding out what really may be causing your troubles.God Bless and take care in choosing your foods.
    Posted by mellofoto1 at 6:22 AM EST on May 6th, '06

    This is funny! Only the addicts would click the link on your website that says 'diet coke' - I actually thought I felt the brain tumors growing as I drank my two or three cans a day. I started filling my cup all the way with ice so that I could enjoy at least a few sips of this poison but not TOO much! Like you I finally did the research and there just isn't any real link.
    Posted by angel at 10:07 PM EST on May 7th, '06

    I was looking for somthing on children drinking artificial sweetners.That was hilarious.I have never read somthing so funny.You really brightened my day.

    nigga stfu u guys are fools i dont know ppl say u can get cancer but HAS ANYONE GOTTEN CANCER FROM DIET COKE ?!?! is the question
    Posted by aint telling u at 2:09 AM EST on Jun 15th, '06

    I have been drinking DC for 27 years - since I was 16. Sometimes 5-7 a day or more.Last year, I gave it up, but eventually went back to it. Then I gave it up again, and then went back. Now I'm kicking it again. Why? Because I decided anything I was that addicted to - I should give up to be healthier. But what I discovered when I gave it up was that I slept better, had more dreams (and/or remembered them better), didn't experience the FATIGUE I do when I am drinking DC, have a sharper mind, am able to lose weight, get more interested in exercise (because I'm not fatigued) and have so much more energy to do all the things I want to do. So, why have I gone back the last two times? Like any addict, it's not easy. I do like the taste. I also have trouble coming up with stuff to substitute...what else is there to drink? Well, I'm going to stick with it this time because I know how much BETTER I feel without it. BTW, the first few days or week, drink water and use tylenol to keep the withdrawl headachs away. SERIOUSLY, try it for yourself and see the difference. (AND I do have stock in coke.)
    Posted by recovering addict at 8:41 AM EST on Jul 1st, '06

    I know BEER is better but I can't drink it at work. Why worry so much about Diet Coke??? Worry about all the food....unless youe Ted Nugent
    Posted by rugbybish at 10:16 PM EST on Oct 18th, '06

    It's good to know that your sources (specifically the FDA) are "reliable": after all, there was absolutely no politics involved in approving aspartame. [note: sarcasm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspartame_controversy#U.S._Politics]

    Hm.m.mn...Well, I like diet coke. I too must have at least one a day usually more. I go in waves, I'll get up to like 6 a day then I'll get worried all the so called "whackos" are right then I'll swear off it, and be back on it in a day or two. I'm an addict. I am. My husband grimaces and swears that anything that tastes that bad has to be bad for you. He says if a fly won't drink it, it must be toxic, which I find to be a pretty valid point. Good old fashioned common sense, but I drink on.

    REading this page does have me worried though because I got a bad liver report from my doctor and I don't drink alcohol. So now I'm wondering if I haven't damaged my liver with this stuff. What to do, what to do. Perhaps I should switch to something safe, like water. My local municipality adds flouride to the water and that causes cancer. Wine and beer cause more liver damage. Milk apparantly has antibiotics and growth hormones in it. Hell, maybe I'll just get it over with and die from dehydration.
    Posted by MITZI at 5:24 AM EST on Jan 5th, '07

    A report issued by the European Common Market's equivalent of the FDA says that Aspertame is safe up to consumption of 40mg/kg of body weight. I came to your site looking for info on the mg of the substance in a can of Diet Coke (or any diet drink). Does anyone know?
    Posted by MaryAnn at 6:52 PM EST on Jan 16th, '07

    mkoff: You are quite close to being an uneducated scumbag yourself. Searle synthesised Aspartame in the 60s, not the 70s. And when it was up for FDA approval, it was Donald Rumsfeld, not Dick Cheney, who was chairman of Searle. Surprising that one of Reagan's first acts was to change the FDA administrator to someone who would reverse the FDA decision not to approve Aspartame. Nothing to do with Cheney's having been Defense Secretary in the previous Republican administration and his being a good buddy of Reagan's etc. Pure coincidence, of course.
    Posted by longpete at 9:21 AM EST on Jan 25th, '07

    Well, the way I feel about it, aspartame is a chemical. And perhaps you will be ok as long as you don't drink a 600 cans/day. But the bottom line is, it is a chemical that will do harm if consumed in larger quantities. So, I as a person, will not consume it very much. Why should I? It's kinda like cigarettes but not as bad. One cigarette won't kill you but why smoke even one?

    What is wrong with you all?!Diet Coke, no Diet Coke?How about... WATER!!!!!There is no need to be very smart to understand the difference between an artificial vs natural!Every third human in this country has diabetes.Let's think, do bears suffer from cancer or diabetes, how about whales, eagles,mountain lions....hmmm do they drink crap sold in our grocery stores?THINK SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!

    To all the ignorant people that admit to being hooked on diet coke and then concluding that it must be safe- because they are not sick(yet)-- You are headed down a very unhealty path.

    I worked for a very famous doctor in Boca Raton Fl.- we had people from all over the country with lots of incurable ailments( horrible joint pains, unable to suddenly walk,slurry speech, face paralysis,etc.)

    First question Dr. asked?? Do you drink diet coke/aspartame?
    Interestingly all the incurables were all heavy and long time users of aspartame. The doctor sent them home with order to stop for one month. Guess what happened? All these people who spent so much $$ on previous tests,doctors,and medicines were all of the sudden magically cured after one month.

    I witnessed this with my own eyes- I don't care what the FDA or anyone says--there is something terribly wrong with our country that still sells this poison to its people.

    By the way-I am not a wacko lunatic,I haven't read any literature for or against diet coke/aspartame. I have just seen about 60 diff.devastating illnesses cured by simply going cold turkey.
    So how is this possible??
    My conclusion is there must be lots of very rich people getting richer while we all stay hooked and getting sicker. Staying sick from all the foods and drinks with Aspartame is making a ton of money. Jon-you must be one of these people- or maybe you just enjoy all the controversy from your own website.
    - ordinary medical assistant from FL.--

    Posted by audrey at 11:50 PM EST on Feb 21st, '07

    Who ever started this stupid article by saying it's fine to drink diet coke are showing the true symptoms. of the causes of Drinking diet coke. People are not just saying it, I loved diet coke until today after all the trusty sources I read and god gave us a brain to think with all of us who drink diet coke are going nuts. Thank god i stopped at the right time. I have been trying to lose weight for a year and a half and it is not working and before i started drinking diet coke i lost lots of weight. i know what u r thinking , what? what does it have to do with that?
    Guess what i just read that it actually make you want to eat more carbohydrate. It is so true i noticed when i go to the restaurant im thinking to myself no carbohydrate.....only chicken salad. then after i get the diet coke , i just want to eat something like filled with carbohydrates.

    Explain that.......
    Posted by not ur busnez at 9:29 PM EST on Feb 27th, '07

    I wonder about the safety of any drink that makes you crave more and more of it. Those loons that drink litres of the stuff every day probably started with a couple of cans a week. you mentioned buying in bulk, sound a bit looney? Ever wondered why you love it so much? What exactly it is that makes you need it? we all have the answers.
    Posted by cora kearney at 8:11 AM EST on Mar 1st, '07

    hello just my thoughts... im neither here nor there when it comes to the aspartame consiracy
    i drink normal coke purely for the reason that i prefer the taste, i have done a blind fold test with diet coke and normal coke and i could tell the difference, i could taste the difference between the natural sugar sweetness in normal coke and the chemical sweetness in the diet.

    anyway on to the conspiracy bit
    i dont know mch and havent done much research so if you could tell me more, that would be great.

    what i know (what i have read) about aspartame is that it gets absorbed into your tissue instead of passing through the body, which if its correct sounds scary.
    and that donald rumsfeld or dick chainy i cant remember, its one of those big U.S government prople anyway, owns most of nutrisweet and helped pass through the law making it leagal. if anyone has more info on this let me know


    Hey Jon,
    I am amazed at what an emotional issue this is for people, particularly people addicted to caffiene, which is well documented to make you miserable when you try to kick it. So unfortunately, like smokers who rationalise their decision to smoke every time they light up, your supporters judgement is skewed by the other chemical they can't live without in Diet Coke. Having said that I have no idea how harmful or otherwise aspartame is, but I don't believe for one second the studies are long term enough to be conclusive, surely the onus is on those licensing the product to prove it safe? And as for the government swooping in to rescue us all were aspartame found to be damaging to your health, I wouldn't hold your breath. Cigarretes can still be purchased legally under the ridiculous rationale that consumers can now make an "informed choice" about a highly addictive product. And would this be the same government that sends its troops into battle (which is unhealthy, I get that) with radioactive material in their munitions?

    Coca-Cola always makes me sick to my stomach within hours of drinking it-- just like food poisoning. GI symptoms with headaches. this is after only 3 cokes.
    Posted by cehulja at 8:55 PM EST on Jun 5th, '07

    I have been diabetic for 35 years and have been drinking aspartame for, I'm guessing, 30 years. I'm not shaking, quivering, impotent or dying of brain cancer. The wackos you mention really need to find a new issue to fight!

    Or, perhaps there is a job in this for someone? Any researchers out there? There are most likely enough people, like myself, who could be studied for the long term effects? Just a thought.

    wow, this is a lot of talk in the shire about aspartame!

    I don't like aspartame because it tastes the same as sticking your tongue to frozen metal. It's not really a pleasant flavour.

    besides, soda pop is bad for your teeth whether its diet or not. It's just crap. You're better off drinking water. mmmm tasty shire water.
    Posted by coke baggins at 4:02 PM EST on Jul 31st, '07

    "According to these loons, if you drink Diet Coke you will eventually be reduced to a twitching, nauseous, impotant, basket case. Then you'll die of brain cancer."


    Here is a link to those loons now!

    Posted by Dean at 3:49 AM EST on Jan 7th, '08

    I came across your site today when discussing with friends the Monsanto documentary posted on Google Video.

    It's not crazy to be suspicious of a chemical company with as ugly of a track record as theirs. Looking at their ties to politicians, I believe it's also reasonable to suspect possible foul play.

    You have to consider the amount of money at stake here. People have killed for a lot less.

    Obviously we can't know for certain, but to merely rule out the evidence pointing to concerns is rather ignorant.

    An interesting citation in Wikipedia reads as follows:

    "In Survey of Aspartame studies: correlation of outcome and funding sources, Ralph G. Walton surveyed 166 studies of aspartame in peer reviewed medical literature. 74 studies had Nutrasweet industry related funding and 92 were independently funded. 100% of the industry funded research attested to aspartame's safety, whereas 92% of the independently funded research identified a problem."

    I've read that unlike natural sources of methanol such as fruit, aspartame does not metabolize the methanol neutralizing ethanol. This is one possible reason why comparing Diet soda to tomatos seems somewhat skewed.

    Aspartame is brought to us by the same people who brought us agent orange, 2,4,5-T, bovine growth hormone, myriad genetically modified produce and livestock, and Round Up(tm). It is the result of a synthetic chemical reaction.

    I certainly don't want them putting anything in my body without full transparent disclosure and extensive independent review.
    Posted by Andy at 5:57 PM EST on Apr 7th, '08

    Oh yeah... here's some nice reading of a recent experiment conducted by an independent individual.


    Results were pretty shocking. I suppose the subjects could have developed such horrible accelerated cancer from other incidental sources, but the experiment seemed pretty sound.

    So when you say in your posts things like, "All studies have come back with no negative results" (paraphrasing), it just shows how biased your statements are.

    I don't pretend to know the definitive answer... I just suspect there's more to it than those who are cashing in on it are willing to tell you.

    You are acting very irresponsibly by making the claims you make.

    Oh yeah, did you know that Coca Cola used to contain COCAINE? Guess that's harmless too...

    Your conviction is admirable, but your cause is not.

    Posted by Andy at 6:55 PM EST on Apr 7th, '08

    I don't think that drinking a diet drink is more dangerous than drinking beer, eating fast food, or just driving a car. Any of these choices have a postive and negative effect. You might not get cancer from drinking a soft drink, but it sure isn't healthier than drinking water. Of course with this poluted world in which we live in, not even water is good that good is for you anymore. The point is we live in a stage of life where nothing is natural. We watch TV, use microwaves, and or on the computer 24/7; That is not healthy. we breath smog all the time, good bye lungs! So everyone criticizes or looks for something to blame for what is our health problems. The truth it is a combination of everything. Another thruth is The U.S. is officialy the fattest country in the world, why? Cause we can afford to spoil ourselves and live as unhealthy as we want. So enjoy it, cause we are too use to it and no matter how much we try we cannot escape this harmfull state.
    Posted by Gustavo at 6:18 PM EST on Apr 10th, '08

    What a great post about Diet Coke. I was a diet coke drinker, 7-8 cans, sometimes bottles a day for nearly 10 years. There is a lot of mis-information on the net about the affects, aspartame, etc., but in my own experience, there are health affects to drinking large amounts over a period of time, I know, because I experienced them. Migraines, headaches, joint pain in my knees, fatigue and a few other things. Study's or not study's, when your body is telling you something you need to listen. Since I broke that addiction, I have not had one headaces, not one mingraine, no more joint pain, I just couldn't feel better. It told me right away that Diet Coke was the reason. Read my story if you like.

    I don't know about all this stuff but I don't trust cola anyway. I used to drink it all the time and had headaches all the time! But when I stopped drinking cola the headaches went away and I lost 10 pounds! I'm with the wackos.
    Posted by sarah at 1:21 PM EST on Apr 24th, '08

    Your facts are little misguided. Yes, drinking a Diet Coke once and while won't kill you....especially not immediately. However, thats not how mutagens (i.e. carcinogens and other cancer-inducing agents)work. It is true that there is a strong correlation between aspartame and brain legions and cancer. Thankfully, most people have genetic repair mechanisms that can fix genetics deletions, substitutions, and strand breaks that are brought on by mutagens. However, age and repeat exposure to mutagenetic materials (such as aspartame) lowers your body's ability to repair these problems. So, yes, right now you probably show no signs or symptoms of brain cancer. However, down the line when you start getting a little older, your current diet coke fixation may land you in a little trouble; possibly even in the hospital. Oh, by the way, as science and research goes, 30 years is a very short amount of time and concludes nothing about aspartame. In fact, thats barely a generation's worth of data. On top of that the sheer acidity and carbonation level of coke alone should steer you away from it; its bad for you digestive system.
    Posted by Dave the geneticist at 2:28 AM EST on May 2nd, '08

    The noted experiment with rats is VERY flawed. The "control" group simply had no aspartame, while the test group had a certain dose of aspartame in their water.
    * No control over how much water a rat could drink, so therefore no control over how much aspartame was ingested.
    * No control over amount of food ingested. Could the sweetened water have changed the diet of the test subjects? No information.
    * No double-blind anywhere. How were the test subjects selected?
    * No information on lifetime. If these rats really were suffering from cancer and not other diseases, shouldn't it have shortened their lives?

    I'm not saying the results were acceptable. On the contrary, with no real controls and measures in place, who knows what torture the rats went through?

    Last I heard, the population segment with the largest increase in brain tumors over the last 30 years is the population that uses the LEAST aspartame. How curious.
    Posted by MrPete at 4:27 PM EST on Jun 29th, '08

    Back in 1999 when I first heard about the whole "embalming" process that the body allegedly goes through after Aspartame intake, I asked the Research Advisor (PhD biochemist) of the Molecular Genetics lab I was working in at the time what he thought of this whole assertion. He responded without hesitation that he had once attended a luncheon where he sat next to the guy who developed Aspartame, so he asked the guy, "is it safe?" The answer -- "of course it's safe! I wouldn't put it in my coffee, but it's safe". Ever since then, I've drunk my Diet Cokes with reckless abandon and used "the Pinks" to sweeten my coffee. Disclaimer: I have no idea if there is any truth to that story and I have no idea if the Aspartame guy was the discoverer, developer, or just some evil marketing dude hell-bent on killing us all. Slowly.

    Regarding the rat studies, they had tumor studies for saccharin as well as Aspartame, both of which were clearly not conclusive enough to have either product pulled from the market. I stopped putting any personal faith in rodent studies after I had a series of pet mice and then a rat, all of which lived no more than 24 months and all of which grew massive tumors before they died. None of them were Diet Coke drinkers.

    Regarding brain tumors specifically, I've decided to let the Diet Coke and my cell phone race to see which one can kill me first, assuming, of course, that I don't get killed first by any of the following: man offering perfume samples at gas station, man with one hook for a hand on a deserted stretch of highway, too much sun, not enough sun, overcooked bacon, or a brown recluse spider hiding under the toilet seat of a public restroom.

    You are so funny!!I am addicted to diet coke and i have been told several times i am going to die because i drink to much of it. I am constantly fighting with my boyfriend because he is convinced i am going to die because of diet coke. I finally have proof thanks to you i will not die!!!
    Posted by kelsey bar at 5:01 PM EST on Nov 27th, '08

    My boyfriend and I typically have at least 1-2 sodas a day, if not more. We are soda fiends! Up until now, I mostly stuck to full calorie soda, but recently switched to Diet Coke for the reduction in calories and sugar. It is pretty much the only diet soda I can stand to drink! My boyfriend, however, argues endlessly with me about the negative effects of drinking Diet Coke and how it causes cancer. I'd more or less chalked it up to BS, but just to make sure, I went out and did a little research of my own. I, of course, came across several websites claiming that too much Diet Coke would kill me (in one way or another), but I also stumbled upon several research articles, as well as your site, claiming Aspartame has very little negative effects on your health. Frankly, I think full-calorie and -sugar sodas would be worse for you! I've already noticed a slight weight-loss from making the switch to diet. I mean, after all, the number 1 killer in America is heart disease, usually brought on by obesity (over 60 million Americans are over-weight), so isn't something with no calories or sugar better for you than a regular soda?
    Thank you for your informative article. I especially liked how you backed up your research with "the FDA, the American Medical Association, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, all (say) that Aspartame is safe."
    Posted by Angel at 4:09 AM EST on Oct 4th, '10

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