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    - May 26th, '01

    Is Aspartame Safe?

    For years I've been getting a non-stop stream of people asking me if Diet Coke is dangerous. The lunitic fringe works overtime on this one. I continue to be amazed at the number of people who insist Aspartame causes brain cancer without the slightest shred of evidense.

    Now that Google is indexing the Usenet archive, I decided to check out the state of things there. I posted some things supporting Aspartame's safety and got this email back:

    >> At 06:53 PM 5/25/2001 -0500, you wrote:
    >> Go to http://www.dorway.com No, it's
    >> not a typo. There you'll find
    >> all the info you need.

    I've been to David's site many times. To date I haven't found any information to make me think this is anything more than a dozen nut cases. All he does is rant. Where is the proof?

    The "studies" that indicate Aspartame is dangerous are all kludged together from studies about other things. It's not realistic to think that a theory based on the idea that Aspartame MIGHT degrade into other things, which MIGHT be absorbed, which MIGHT get stored in fat, which MIGHT cause long term problems, is anything more than a flimsy fiction.

    Lots of trusted, pier reviewed studies have been done ON ASPARTAME. Not on some other chemical. These studies have shown it's safe.

    I've done the self test, and I know many others who have as well. It's bull.

    And the conspiracy theory that the American Dietetic Association, Centers for Disease Control, American Diabetes Association, Monsanto, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Vanderbilt University, MIT, Mayo Clinic, National Cancer Institute, Tufts University, Johns Hopkins University, etc. are all in collusion to hide "the truth" is just silly.

    These groups all publicly assert that Aspartame is safe.

    It's nuts.

    I've been to the DORway site, but I didn't stop their. I looked for other information. I researched. And when I was done, it was so obvious that Mr Rietz was wrong, that I'm forced to conclude that he is either 1) enjoying his little joke, 2) totally crackers, or 3) really bad at researching his claims.

    He is, however, very good at annoying web design.

    Do your own research. Here are some things to get you started:

    Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
    Vanderbilt University
    Mayo Clinic



    Yeah, but what about Nutrasweet? And where are the penguins in this story??? I wanna hear about PENGUINS!!!

    Same deal with Nutrasweet Eric. Quite safe. "I wanna hear about PENGUINS!!!" Just for you I'll be compiling the "Giant Killer Penguin" story. I'll have it up soon. I've needed to do that for a long time. It's a tale of love, violence, trust, betrayal, and conspiracy, all set in an amusement park very close to where we all live. And .... mmmmm...... You kinda got the folks on the Yahoo forum really riled up dude. You get points for form, but they're right. You aren't a reporter, and all of the details have come out. There's nothing left to find.

    Okay, here's the "Mutant Killer Penguin" story. It's all true. I have pictures.

    Hmmm. Perhaps only YOU see the penguins attack, Jon? You seem to be tuned in to their feelings very clearly... Or perhaps the penguins had too much nutrasweet?
    Posted by batgrl at 1:45 PM EST on May 26th, '01

    I just read a whole bunch of articles on Aspartame and I didn't see anything about it's effect on penguins. But I do know that they only feed them herring. So probably no Nutrasweet. It's also possible that no one else saw the attack. Sometimes the windows are very foggy there. And actually I didn't see the whole attack either, I just saw them charge over and jump on her. I think they wanted to get the whole bucket of fish. She was spending all her time feeding the big penguins and ignoring the little ones. Maybe they just snapped.

    Alriiiiight! PENQUINS!!!

    Why do I keep typing "penquins"??? "Q" is nowhere near "G" and I had to correct that same mistake when I posted this afternoon. Your mom and dad must think I'm a moron, huh?
    Posted by Eric Brooks at 6:07 PM EST on May 26th, '01

    Eric: If we know Jon isn't a moron, how could we think you are?

    Awwwww... thanx Mrs. Jon's Mom. :0) btw, your son was a good boy today. He saved my butt, and got an angry mob of cannibals to leave me alone in another discussion group. (SHEESH! Call people "insensitive buffoons" and you never hear the end of it!)

    Know thee all the truth of my great faith. Three days did we dwell in darkness. Three days did we wait for salvation. And on this day, granted by 128K DSL alone, Metafilter has arisen and appeared before us. Praise be, Praise be. (Okay, so maybe its not that big a deal to y'all but I was mortified at finding such a potent intellectual community only to lose it so soon to the whims of Roman will. Okay, so it wasn't Roman will, it was some bullshit upstream business "persons". But still ...)
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 11:42 PM EST on May 26th, '01

    Eric - I've never understood why you so love to get people mad at you. But you certainly are good at it. "your son was a good boy today. He saved my butt" I don't know why I do that dude. You are so freakin spastic. It's like some sort of Tourette's kind of thing. Yes, you do have a good heart, and you're true to your convictions, but..... Maybe ease up on the crusade de jour huh? What am I saying? You are unstoppable. Dissing Saundra on that forum was a work of art - Totally ridiculous, highly offensive, and brazenly indefensible. I am dumb struck with either awe or incredulity. I can't decide which.

    "And on this day, granted by 128K DSL alone......" And lo, the message was sent beyond the lands of Blogger, to the village of Bozeman, called "cow town" by some. And the physician was found and wakened and given the message. "Please check Wulfgar!'s medication dosage."

    And the physician did say, "But Jon, tis not you who did give rise to all these about whom you so dispair? Is not the Priestess of Salsa, the Ralph of the Llama, and the dad of the mom, simply a reflection of your own true faith?" And with this, the physician did belch, and proclaim "self medication to all, and to all a good night".
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 4:15 PM EST on May 27th, '01

    And Jon looked at the doctor and proclained: "Time to cut back on the wacky weed dude. There's a reason they call it dope." Just kiiding. You guys are funny. In a good way. If you know what I mean.

    I think you need to not swear and check your grammar (there not their)

    My wife drinks about 2 litres of diet coke per day every day. She is addicted and cannot find a sub. She is also trying to lose weight (she is over) and her doctor recommends she stops drinking DIET COKE. Is there any background that this drink fattens whoever drinks too much of it. What is too much anyway 3090-400 cans a day?
    Posted by Robert at 12:25 PM EST on Jul 5th, '01

    I haven't read any studies that indicated that drinking Diet Coke made people gain weight. You might want to ask your doctor about it.

    g'day jon, i was checking out your site because i've heard that aspartane stuff does bad stuff to your "man bits" and i was a bit worried about drinking the stuff, and stuff... anyway, thanks for clearing that up a bit for us. congrats on an interesting site, you seem like a nice bloke. cheers, trev by the way, you may have already been told but you spelt "their" in the wrong context. i'm doing teacher training at university and i tend to notice spelling mistakes, and stuff.

    I'm 36 and in good shape, I have been a Diet Coke addict for 18 years. I was diagnosed with Monophasic Synovial Sarcoma (Rare form of Cancer) on 5/30/01 and Praise God I quit without withdrawal symptoms.

    I will grant you that many tests have been done to prove the safety in using Aspartame. I will also say I drank diet soda for many years with no obvious side effects. The only catch is that if I drink anything containing Aspartame now, I will get a wicked headache in a short time. So I don't drink it. The problem here is that many of the sources that you use, as well as others, have goals of their own, so few these days are free to do pure research. Look up Fluoride on the internet. Within two minutes I found articles both supporting and deriding it's usage in our water. Honestly the best thing to do is to drink pure water and eat pure foods. Of course then you have to add in the fact that our water is polluted and our soil is depleted. But hey, that hasn't killed anyone yet either. All in all what is my point? Six of one - half a dozen the other. It really makes no difference what one person or the other says, we will do our own thing. As long as someone can sell a product, someone else will support it. So while you are enjoying your Diet Coke I will be drinking my Dr. Pepper. Peace out, God bless, and enjoy life. - Droopy
    Posted by Droopy at 10:50 PM EST on Feb 3rd, '03

    for the record its not the monthol in apartane thats the problem, its the pfact that the liver turns that into formaldehyde and that doesnt give u headaches or cancer, it blocks processes of the mitochondria and therefor the cells backup with substaces because they cannot be processed, in time the cell literaly will blow up, this is most dangerous in the optic nerve for which cells cannot be replaced and there are relativly few u can lose without losing some vision

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