HOWTO get Master of Orion to work (with sound) in Windows XP:

1. Copy autoexec.nt to your moo directory. It lives in Windows\\System32.

2. Edit autoexec.nt in your moo directory:

REM out all the programs loaded in autoexec.nt (the lines which start with lh). If you do not do this, there will not be enough conventional memory left to run moo with XP's Soundblaster emulation. The only line you really need is the set BLASTER line. Do not change the BLASTER settings. They do not need to be correct for you current sound card.

If you run moo with the CD, you may need to leave in the CDROM extensions. I don't know about this, because I do not run moo with the CD. If a you use the CD, and get it to work with or without the CDROM extensions, please update this paragraph.

3. Create shortcuts for moo\\install.exe and moo\\orion.exe

4. Edit the properties of the install.exe shortcut:

a) Go to the Compatibility tab, and set it to run in Windows 95 compatibility mode.

b) Go to the Memory tab and set Expanded Memory (XMS) to 1024.

c) Go to the Program tab and click Advanced.

i. In the window for selecting an autoexec.nt, type in the full path to the modified autoexec.nt in your moo directory.

5. Make the same modifications in step 4 to the orion.exe shortcut.

6. Run install.exe using the shortcut you created. Select "Change hardware settings." Set the soundcard to Soundblaster for music and speech. The settings are:

Address: 220 IRQ: 5 DMA: 1

7. Play moo using the shortcut to orion.exe.

This HOWTO is placed in the Public Domain, by it's original author. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft. Soundblaster is a trademark of Creative Labs.

-- Neil Cerutti