Jon is green

by Jon Sullivan - 2024-07-06 - Status

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Some short takes on my exciting life while global warming slowly kills us all.

- I'm currently doing lots of very garlic dishes. Last night's was a shrimp scampi with pesto. Simple and delicious. And conveniently it used up some leftover pesto that had been around for a while. It was delicious. But a problem surfaced soon after I finished. A problem in the urgent "stay near the lavatory" category. It was at this point where I started wondering..... just how old that opened tub of pesto was. I don't remember cooking anything with pesto in...... a long long time. Going back through photos and posts...... Let's see...... It was from the ravioli throwdown. Last year. So it only sat in my fridge for 9 months after I opened it. Should still be good? Surely? No. Very no.

- It will be above 100 degrees here in Eugene for the next few days. My AC at the apartment will deal with temps up to 90, but struggles above that. So a choice must be made - Sit here and play video games in a pool of sweat. Or get in my epic car which will keep things pleasantly cool even driving through Hell. And of course sitting out in the parking lot for 48 hours will be boring. So we need an adventure that involves lots of driving to and from. Thankfully I was prescience enough to move to Eugene which is the hub and spoke sweet spot of the nation. So get this post uploaded and hit the road before global warming starts desiccating the entire metro area.

- I haven't had any hummingbirds all spring. Which makes me sad. I had plenty through the winter, but none for months now. Watching them last year was a regular source of joy. Tiny little dinosaurs flitting around and watching me through the window. They seem unreal and magical. Hummingbird hearts beat 20 times a second. They need to eat throughout the day or go dormant. While dormant their metabolism slows 95% and is so slow that it takes them 30+ minutes to wake up. It's so slow that their immune system stops and they can be more susceptible to infection than the cold. I miss them.

- At the tribe gathering last week I made gumbo from scratch out of the back of my car. It may have been the best gumbo I've ever made. My garlic supplier judged it to be "perfect". I got compliments enough to keep my ego fed for months. Someone tried to make my tribe nickname "Jonny Gumbo", which isn't going to happen. Of course I'm loving how much people enjoy my food. But it presents a problem - It's a standard I don't want to be held to. Or is it? Should I just lean in and make beef bourguignon from scratch for GBB Fest? How do I get myself into this craziness?

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