by Jon Sullivan

Every Thanksgiving I make up a crazy hard menu of delicious food, and then race through the day trying to cook and eat it all.

2021 - photos
Menu :
6am - Duck liver pate, brie, crackers, champagne.
8am - Crispy skin salmon with black bean sauce and mustard gremolata
10am - Herbed fresh pasta with scampi shrimp
12pm- Blackened halibut with tomatillo salsa and mushroom butter
2pm - Pork tamales with green mole and sun dried tomato cream
4pm - Dijon and Guinness Beef pot pie
6pm - French toast with port marinated berries and sweet goat cheese

2020 - photos
Menu :
Blackened salmon with salsa verde and black garlic butter. Also made a smoked salmon mac & cheese. And some Irish cheddar potatoes au gratin with bacon and mushrooms. Tonight may be (depending on motivation) Nashville hot chicken wings with cranberry BBQ sauce. Tomorrow looks like chopped beef sliders with blue cheese and peach chutney. Thinking about an Instagram sort of prawn salad with green goddess dressing

2019 - photos
Menu :
6am Champagne, fresh squeezed OJ, brie, pate, salami, crackers.
Breakfast : 8am Thanksgiving Benedict - Sausage and cranberry dressing base, grilled ham slice, sunny side up egg, hollandaise.
Snack : 9am Goat cheese crostini with port soaked fruit - Toasted sourdough, sweetened goat cheese, port marinated fruit, honey drizzle, fresh thyme.
2nd Breakfast : 10am Smoked salmon and Gruyere croquettes with tangerine crema
Brunch :11am Rouladen with red wine pan sauce and rosemary dumplings
Lunch : 1pm Turkey & cranberry tamales with roasted salsa verde - Sweet corn mash, shredded dark meat turkey, cranberry relish.
Snack : 3pm Chicken Marsala stuffed mushrooms.
Appiteaser : 5pm Crunchy mashed potatoes with poblano gravy - Crunchy roasted potato, sour cream and onion mashed potatoes, buttermilk and poblano gravy.
Dinner : 7pm Pumpkin Spice Shepherd's Pie.
Dessert : 8pm Sharon's dessert

2018 - photos
Menu :
Shrimp cake with salmon pate and herb butter
Chorizo, avocado and charred corn toast
Marinated steak skewers with toasted orange and mint oil
Korean fried wings with bing cherry chili sauce
Carnitas, fried potato and manchego stuffed jalapenos
Flambed English plum pudding with hazelnut hard sauce
Various beers and cocktails

2017 - photos
Menu :
Traditional ciopino, garlic and thyme potatoes, cranberry orange margaritas, and salmon with chimichuri sauce.

2016 - photos

2014 - photos
Menu :
Crispy carnitas and quail egg chilaquiles, Sausage meatballs with chimichurri, Onion stuffed mushrooms with Gruyere, German potato croquettes with dipping sauces, Blackened salmon nachos, Salmon egg rolls, Artisan mac & cheese with mushrooms

2013 - photos

Menu :
Bread, smoked meats, and cheese, Tangerine Teriyaki beef wontons, Smoked beef reubens with fennel slaw, Turkey and trimmings

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