Recent Beers I drank

Juicy Pomegranate , Cider - Dry, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., 2022.10.23
Cornucopia Bar & Burgers
My Rating: 3.75 Badge: Untappd 12th Anniversary
ABV: 6.3, Checkin Link

Black Widow Porter , Porter - American, McMenamins, 2022.10.21
McMenamins Market Street Pub
My Rating: 4 Badge: Keg Champion
ABV: 7.35, Checkin Link

Fistful of Gummies , Sour - Fruited, Second Chance Beer Company, 2022.09.16
Uron Northpark
My Rating: 4
ABV: 5, Checkin Link

San Diego Jam - Mixed Berry , Cider - Other Fruit, Bivouac Ciderworks, 2022.09.16
The Original 40 Brewing Company
My Rating: 4 Badge: Draft City (Level 35)
ABV: 6, Checkin Link

Lemon Meringue , Sour - Fruited, Evil Twin Brewing, 2022.08.01
Vendome Cafe
My Rating: 4 Badge: City Brew Tours (Level 1)
ABV: 6, Checkin Link

Grapefruit Basil Gin Saison , Golden Ale, Dead Frog Brewery, 2022.08.01
Bridgette Bar
My Rating: 4 Badge: Cheers To You! (Level 10)
ABV: 4.5, Checkin Link

Ashes From the Grave , Rauchbier, The Original 40 Brewing Company, 2022.01.30

My Rating: 4 Badge: Cheers To You! (Level 9)
ABV: 6.66, Checkin Link

Life's A Peach And Then You Die. , IPA - Milkshake, Riverbend Brewing Company, 2021.06.21

My Rating: 4 Badge: Local Beer Is Better (2021)
ABV: 7, Checkin Link

Old New Castle Brown Ale , Brown Ale - American, Bellefonte Brewing Company , 2020.07.07

My Rating: 3 Badge: Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 19)
ABV: 5.7, Checkin Link

Something, Something, Sour Mead , Mead - Other, Golden Coast Mead, 2020.07.07

My Rating: 4 Badge: Sky's the Limit (Level 54)
ABV: 12, Checkin Link

Achel 8° Blond , Belgian Strong Golden Ale, Brouwerij der Sint-Benedictusabdij De Achelse Kluis, 2020.07.06

My Rating: 4.5 Badge: Pride Month (2020)
ABV: 8, Checkin Link

The Pilgrim , Blonde Ale, Backslope Brewing, 2019.11.30
Backslope Brewing Company
My Rating: 2.5
ABV: 5, Checkin Link

The Distant Neighbor , Farmhouse Ale - Saison, Backslope Brewing, 2019.11.30
Backslope Brewing Company
My Rating: 4.75
ABV: 5.8, Checkin Link

Pumpkin Porter , Pumpkin / Yam Beer, Backslope Brewing, 2019.11.30
Backslope Brewing Company
My Rating: 3.5 Badge: Draft City (Level 34)
ABV: 6.5, Checkin Link

Dr. Randolph's All-Day Porter , Porter - American, Backslope Brewing, 2019.11.30
Backslope Brewing Company
My Rating: 3 Badge: Middle of the Road (Level 37)
ABV: 5.2, Checkin Link

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