I got a lot of problems with you people!

by Jon Sullivan - 2020-08-17 - Opinion

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While other countries succeeded in shutting down the pandemic, we've just let it rot.

I'm really angry about the state our government has let things degrade to. Maybe degrade is too clean a word. How about rot? It feels like the government has just left it all to rot. It's almost like a contest. Which side can prove their seriousness by letting things rot the most? We all know the economy isn't going to restart until we get Covid under control. But still we ignore the stuff that's working everywhere else so that we can pretend Mad King Donald is right about it magically going away. Businesses just open up without proper precautions, lots of people get sick so they close, rinse repeat. Maybe if we mandate masks, but don't enforce it at all, the virus will be fooled and go away. That's it. That's the solution. Just fake it.

We just let it rot. We pretend that people get health insurance through their employers. But then we let businesses fail, because communism or something. Sure. Right. We pretend schools need to open so our kids won't be stupid. But we call media companies before Congress if they try to delete posts about Pizzagate. We go nuts over election tampering. But we never stop obvious cheating.

The Belgium vacation I had planned obviously isn't going to happen. Because I live in the US. And the US is a filthy country full of stupid people. Compare how we handled the global pandemic with what canada did. Or South Korea. Or Finland. Seriously, read some of those. They aren't doing anything radical. Just the simple stuff all the experts said to do. Test, track, distance, masks. Simple. Easy. But completely impossible for America. So... I can't go on vacation anywhere but Alabama or Florida. Because I'm american the world is closed to me. Even Hawaii is closed.

And in the richest nation on earth, you can't get tested. Sure, if your doctor says you are sick enough to have one of the rare tests we do have, it will take a week to get results. A week delay makes the test worthless. And even if it wasn't, it's too long for everything that requires a negative test result. This is how rotten we are. Middle of a global pandemic and you can't get tested. Because you are an American. If you were Canadian you could get results in a few hours.

So I have no idea where I'm going on vacation. More research is needed on where filthy stupid Americans are tolerated. I'm not happy. You all screwed yourselves to prove how free you are and now you can't go anywhere.

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