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by Jon Sullivan - 2022-10-19 - Status

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I can cook here. It's the worst part of the new apartment, but it can be done.

I am behind on Thanksgiving test recipes. But here's the first one. Aged gouda carbonara with al pastor pork. The carbonara was incredible. I'll be keeping that. But the pork was a bit too chewy for a fresh pasta dish. So I'll likely go with an al pastor meatball in the TG version. With only a few weeks left I need to start jamming on the other recipes. Still haven't coordinated with Sharon, so no idea what she might make. Also need to finalize the format. Are we doing the all-day chefs menu again? Or something more relaxing? Every single year I say I don't want to do that again. But every year as Thanksgiving approaches I find I do.

Current to-do list -

Salt & pepper crispy tofu with seaweed salad.
Stuffing flavor buttermilk biscuits with turkey sausage gravy.
Curried beet salad with lavender goat cheese dressing. ***
Blue cheese garlic bread with caramelized onion gravy. ***
Thanksgiving flavors Benedict with apple champagne syrup.
Charred cauliflower and romesco tacos.
Sweet potato grits with cocoa-apricot glazed baked fish.
White asparagus soup with pickled ramps and hazelnuts.
Garden herb dutch baby with smoked salmon.
Date and pink peppercorn fresh pasta.
Aged gouda carbonara with fresh pasta and al pastor meatballs. ***
Shrimp masala egg rolls with ginger tamarind dipping sauce.

*** means it's done testing and makes it on the menu.

Other status - The apartment is mostly unpacked and done. Guest bedroom will wait until someone is actually going to visit. Photo studio is in progress. But the place is now as I need it to be. It's now homebase for adventures and entertaining guests. It's now where I can just sit without worries or a task list and relax. It makes me happy.

And I timed getting here just right. Not too much waiting in San Diego for winter to pass. Just enough time to get settled and organized and get ready before the winter comes. People keep saying I won't like the winter. They don't get it. Winter is a new adventure. New photo opportunities. New lessons to learn and grow from. New tires, new clothes.

Tickets for two concerts procured. Crabbing and fishing research tonight. Winter clothing shopping tomorrow. Flights to Kalispell booked. Pickles fermenting in the pantry. Maybe going out tonight for sunset photos.

Current joy on tap for the day.

This is the new Jon.

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