Social Democracy

by Jon Sullivan - 2021-10-02 - Opinion

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Despite a common belief that social democracy is socialist by principle, its policies keep capitalism in place. Social democrats support Keynesian economics and entrepreneurship. It is a system that allows more to be millionaires, while preventing them from enslaving those who are not.

Is it only for ourselves that we toil and build and yearn? Or do we build for the men and women our children will become? And our children's children and on and on. Should we go to work each day just to eke out enough stamped metal coins to pay for food and shelter? With little hope of building anything beyond our four walls? Shouldn't we be building the foundations of the towers that will let our children's children's children live better lives in a better world?

And wouldn't that perhaps fanciful goal be more likely to succeed if even the least of us could add bricks to the foundation? Rather than spend all their lives just trying to survive? And can't we agree that the rich and powerful do not build towers for our children's children, but only for themselves? And that their towers have gilded plaster foundations of ego and greed that will crumble like the dust and lies they are made of?

How is it that it's somehow shameful to need to work two jobs to provide for our children, but comfortable jobs that effortlessly skim wealth off the work of others are portrayed as virtuous? How is this a world we are building for our children? Isn't it a world where we only ensure the wealth of others? Aren't we perpetuating an institutionalized false hope? A lie told by the rich to poor? Why do we idolize those who despise us? Aren't we building a world where we only hope for life and liberty and happiness, while at the same time we work to empower an elite few who take those things from us?

What does Bezos give us with his billions other than a shovel to dig a deeper hole to pour our money into? His hole, filling up with his money. What does Trump give us with his billions other than convenient lies that distract from hard truths? How are his lies somehow more believed than our reality?

When will we work for the betterment of our children's children, rather than for the wealthy few who would enslave them?

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Marilee Harrison
2021-10-02 11:36:09 : I ask these questions on a daily basis. I am saddened that I am leaving no legacy to my children or my children's children. I see Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation doing some good in the world, ie. Immunizations and education but with billions of dollars in the hands of a few who do little for their fellow just makes me sad. I would LOVE to be hired by a billionaire to put their money to work creating viable and sustainable social programs!!!

Jon Sullivan
2021-10-02 11:47:00 : Marilee - Bill Gates does seem to be on the right side. But I'd still trust 128,000 millionaires more than one Billionaire. Why 128,000? Because Bill Gates alone could make 128,000 US households millionaires any time he wanted.

Marilee Harrison
2021-10-02 20:46:42 : Jon, good point.

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