I'm a wreck

by Jon Sullivan - 2023-06-07 - Stories

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You have no idea how hard it is to write this post. My brain is mush.

I'm getting better at learning how to handle the allergies. Running two air purifiers 24/7 and never opening the doors helps a lot..... if we define "helps" as full hermit mode. Driving 150 miles from my apartment in any direction helps a lot...... if we define "helps" as relying every day on something I lack the energy to physically do. Lying in bed and not moving all day helps...... if we define "helps" as role playing a coma victim. Pretending it's 100mg of "medical marajuana" helps a lot...... if we define "helps" as sitting on the couch drooling mindlessly.

It doesn't matter. Adventures await.

One of the things I did on my blogging hiatus is finally see Sierra Ferrell live in Portland. It was great. I loved seeing her so so much. But the best part of the concert was the opening act, Jeremie Albino. Small venue opening acts tend to be hit and miss. Most times you keep doom scrolling on your phone and tap your foot. Not this one. As everyone filtered in there was a big bed sheet hanging on stage with his name in big letters apparently made with magic marker. Expectations were...... low. By the time it came time for him to perform the place was already packed. Everyone loudly chatting and laughing, talking about Sierra Ferrell with great expectation.

Unannounced, he walked out on the stage, didn't wait for anything, and did this. Holy shit.

The crowd just.......... stopped...... Was not expecting that. Everyone went silent, turned around, stared with their eyes wide open, and listened. By the time he got to the second verse we were hootin' and hollerin'. I've never seen anyone own a room that fast and hard. Each song was better than the last. If I find out he's playing anywhere within 300 miles of wherever I am, I'm goin'. You should fuckin' go too.

One of his songs has been stuck in my mind through this allergy crap.

I'm a wreck, I'm an ooooold ship wreck
Lonely is all you can be, a thousand leagues under the sea
You're never gonna find me

It's not the gold in my belly, that's holding me down
The water that I'm under weighs a million pounds

The allergies feel like that. Old and tired. Weighed down. Full of worthless gold. So...... Yes...... The solution is obvious and easy - Go drive someplace out of the valley. Someplace beautiful and wonderful and photogenic, with new great food, and happy friendly people. It's just getting up that's too hard. Too. Hard. To. Get. Up. It doesn't matter. Adventure is the cure. Adventure is the way.

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