Bucket List

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-09-04 - Jonism

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What do I even want? Other than being a hermit and left alone of course......

Let's try this again. This is the second go at writing this post. The first try it was purely a to-do list. Lose weight, plan for retirement, clear out some clutter. Or basically the most boring bucket list ever. Maybe that's one of my problems - A really boring bucket list. Let's fix that.

  • Learn to play guitar. I need to get back to practicing every day. I don't ever want to be on stage with it, but it's been on my list since I was a child. I know the basics, but fat fingers make practice a chore.

  • Eat tacos in Mexico City like a local. I love authentic tacos. It's certainly one of the things I like most about San Diego. We get plenty of Tiquana style street tacos here. But my taco spidey sense tells me Mexico City is different.

  • Make aged cheese. My cheese phase has come and gone, but during that time I wanted to build my own cheese cave and make some aged cheeses. I've fermented great pickles and beer. Cheese needs to happen.

  • Write my great Sci-fi novel. The story of aliens first visiting Earth, building huge alien stuff, all the while basically ignoring us, has been bouncing around my brain since high school. I really doubt I have the moxy to actually write it. But it would be wonderful to see it done.

  • Help the homeless. I am so so so so not the volunteer type. But homelessness is one of the top social/political issues that I feel passionately about. I always wish I did more.

  • Be a better person. For most of my life I've proudly embraced a selfish, self-centered, egotistical mess of a life. Why that was is a story for another time. But now that I've somehow lived to 56 all the excuses I had for not fixing myself are gone. I'm working on it. But it's a moment by moment sort of thing to fix.

  • Learn Spanish. Living in SoCal and not speaking Spanish is one of those white privilege things that always bugs me.

  • Go on an African safari. Of course.

  • Eat pizza in New York. Hey, fuck you.

  • Visit the 59 national parks in the United States. Need to make one of those cool map chart things and start ticking them off. Would be a good chance to integrate Google Maps API into this site.

  • Iceland, Lofoten Islands, Faroe Islands. One of those. I get the impression that Iceland is sort of played out as a hidden gem of photography these days.

  • Take Marilee to Chez Panisse Restaurant before we outlive it. I promised. This would make us both crazy happy. That it's still on the list is pure dumb.

  • Belgian Trappist beer tour. Might do this next year. Fingers crossed.

  • Rockies road trip through the US and Canada. I did this most of the way with my last wife. Need to do it again with someone who isn't an awful travel companion. More to fix the past rather than build the future I suppose.

  • Finish my tattoos. About 6 to go.

  • Many great photos I don't have yet. Lightning. Northern lights. Nebula. Drone photos. Snowflakes.

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    2019-09-04 06:31:35 : Can we come to Chez Panisse too?

    I was just thinking of the last time I heard the Two Tramps joke. It was at Chez Panisse for Charlene and Johnny's 60th anniversary, I think.

    Jon Sullivan
    2019-09-04 06:42:14 : "Can we come to Chez Panisse too?" - The rest is unimportant.

    I'm sort of in the Charlene camp with the two tramps joke......

    2019-09-04 06:46:38 : I never understood the Two Tramps joke. Like, for real.

    I think your bucket list is cool. I like that there's lots of traveling. And food. Can we retire now, please?

    And I don't understand your response about Chez Panisse. Because I don't sleep and my brain is mush, apparently.

    2019-09-04 06:47:17 : Ew! Irish Curdling Cow?!! EW!!!

    Jon Sullivan
    2019-09-04 07:04:49 : "Irish Curdling Cow?!!" - Better?

    Marilee and I are going to Chez Panisse. Anything else is ancillary and coincident.

    2019-09-04 07:13:07 : Hmmm.

    Hey! What happened to the drink?! It's gone.

    Jon Sullivan
    2019-09-04 07:15:07 : We both hated it. So I grabbed a new one.

    2019-09-04 07:43:43 : There's no drink on the top of the page anymore...

    Jon Sullivan
    2019-09-04 07:51:43 : It's only on the main page. Not the individual blog post.

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