by Jon Sullivan - 2019-10-13

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A terrifying day of sunrise photos in San Diego.

One of the things I keep wondering about is whether to upgrade the a7r iii to an a7r iv. The main improvement is the 61 MP sensor, which you could argue sort of makes it a medium format camera. So massive I obviously don't need it. It would be a great thing to play with, but likely not the most responsible use of $3500.

But one feature of the new version that does seriously tempt me is the new weather sealing. With the a7r iii I need to worry about even the lightest rain. I've got a rain cover, which is a pain to use. But seriously... Is it worth the $3500? I've taken great photos with the rain cover. And what else is the sealing likely to honestly save me from? Am I going to go to the beach and drop the camera in wet sand or something. So yeah.....

You probably see where all this is going....

So today I went to the beach and dropped the camera in wet sand.

My plan today was to get in a full day of photos. Head to Coronado bridge for sunrise, than Balboa park until the zoo opens, then get a ton of photos there. And explore the zoo since I haven't been back there in a long time.

But that was cut short when I dropped the camera and got wet sand packed into every cranky of the lens and camera.

Pretty sure the camera will be fine, although the sealing sure would have helped.. But we'll see how the lens holds out now that it has no small amount of sand in the zoom ring. So far it looks okay. But there is some sand I couldn't brush out. It's the Sony 24-70mm GM lens which is way too pricey to replace unless it goes bad. The front of the lens has some scratches. But I'm one of those idiots who always puts on a supposedly useless UV filter. So it's good to be an idiot today.

Day cut short, and a few moments of horror, but I got some photos I'm really happy with.

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2019-10-13 20:04:26 : Yikes! I'm sorry that happened.

Jon Sullivan
2019-10-14 04:19:49 : Thanks. I think it's fine. But still pretty scary.

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