Short takes

by Jon Sullivan - 2023-02-14 - Status

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It's a snow day here in Eugene. One of the things I worried most about when moving here.

1) After living 25 years in southern California I assumed one of the things I'd have the hardest time with in Oregon would be the weather. Snow, ice, cold, slush. It would all require a major attitude adjustment for sure. It hasn't. At all. I'm still sitting out on my balcony in the morning with a cup of coffee. Bundled up to be sure. But I've gone out for walkies when it's in the low 20s. I've driven through white out conditions. There was the morning in Portland with half an inch of ice on the streets. I'm acclimated to the point where if it's over 45 degrees out I just wear a t-shirt. The Passport with snow tires has gleefully plowed through deep snow. So the inch of snow we have this morning is no big deal. And the winter has been pretty mild in town. The biggest challenge has been Oregon's winter policy of shutting down roads and campgrounds for no good reason at all.

2) I have a new scoby growing in my guest bedroom that is nearly ready for a 2nd fermentation, where I add some fruit and it turns from sweet tea into kombucha. It's fun to be brewing again, even if I no longer drink booze. Really looking forward to what flavors I can come up with. I'll likely go with blueberry ginger for a first attempt. I'm not a huge kombucha fan. Drinking fizzy vinegar is never going to match the deliciousness of craft beer and cider. But I am a fermented foods fan. The science on gut health has made it beyond obvious you need to be getting more bacteria in your intestines. So..... I look forward to downing glasses home grown bacteria vinegar soon?

3) Joined the Eugene photography club. It's looking like they have 5-6 meetings a year, and all on Zoom. So really not the social opportunity I had hoped for. Maybe I'll look into groups in Portland. SCA as well, but with a lot of trepidation. I'll want to fight. I know I will. But getting beat up by kids in much better shape sounds like no fun. Maybe? Maybe not. Getting my fat ancient body in good enough shape to not lose due to simple exhaustion would take forever. And if I buy a bunch of tourney gear and then hate it? Would I even enjoy the SCA anymore without all the drunken violence?

4) Not gonna lie.... the tech layoffs are extremely depressing. Investment outlook in the current economy, depressing. The nation's continuing love for MAGA conspiracy nonsense, depressing. Shooting down Chinese spy balloons can't be good. Next presidential election is shaping up to be extra depressing. I thought the pendulum was supposed to swing back eventually. When does that happen?

5) It doesn't matter. Jon is happy. I may have been forced to transition from "best life" to "best life during a recession with no job". But I'm still working on best life. Somehow that includes drinking mugs of vinegar and being clubbed in the head??? I guess we'll find out.

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