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by Jon Sullivan - 2023-03-26 - Status

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The concept of seasons is not sinking in for me. Two destinations were scheduled yesterday. Both closed due to snow? Time of year? US = 3rd world country now? I don't know.

Three hour drive. Road closed. Turn around and drive home. Obviously there was likely some travel advisory or status online I could have consulted. Oh bother. Things were so much less messed up in San Diego. But here, one place is closed due to them not plowing the road. So...... I'm no expert...... But maybe just plow the damn road? The other place is closed due to...... Literally no reason? So...... I'm no expert...... But maybe just open the damn park? The Oregon way seems to be to close vehicle access to things for no reason, then let people hike in. Hiking is fine. But hiking to things with perfectly good roads is dumb. It wasn't like this in Montana where the winters are far worse.

I love Oregon. But I miss the city. I love all the beauty here, much of it season/weather related. But I miss the "sunny and 75" all day every day. I love the endless road trip adventures here. But I miss everything being 15 minutes away. It would help if Oregon was cheaper than San Diego, but it's not. At all.

Some other whiny ass complaints :

- People drive like total assholes here. Every time I go out I have people drive slow as hell, only to speed up as soon as I try to pass them. They'll be driving 50 mph for miles. Then once we get to a stretch with a passing lane they'll speed up to 80. Then slow down when it ends and I haven't passed them. So I need to often hit 90 on twisty mountain roads just to be able to pass someone so I can get up to the speed limit. No reason. The motive seems to be trying to keep everyone behind them by driving dangerously? I haven't experienced this anywhere else. Sometimes folks elsewhere will do this crap, but it's rare. Here it's constant.

- The Honda Passport is a total badass in weather. We have wet ice here on the regular. The Passport does not care at all. Go 50 mph on ice, slam the breaks, it's fine. The wheels will slip, but the car slows down and the wheels track straight. I've had several times where I was driving on ice just fine, then stopped and got out only to find it's too slippery to walk. I estimate there is a 100% chance this leads to excessive overconfidence that will bite me in the ass sooner or later.

- The new glasses and contacts are working as needed. I hate contacts. They are brutal to put in and take out. The focus is borderline compared to glasses. The fact that they go slightly out of focus when I blink is annoying. But there is no choice. Hiking in the rain and fog with glasses isn't going to work. So it's fine. Just fine.

- I need to post more. But my copium for being unemployed has been reverting back to hermit mode. I think about that a lot. I don't like it. I was having a great time rebuilding my social life and finding new wonderful people. And every time I've gone outside and done things with other humans I've had a great time. But I suck at this endless begging to be hired stuff. And the news about continuing tech layoffs is beyond depressing. Silicon banks failing likely won't help. I don't know why, but isolating myself makes it all better. I'm happy. And not happy. Copium to be honest. I think about it a lot. It doesn't really make it better, just easier to not be ashamed and frustrated. But.... I should post more. Adding that to the to-do list I don't have.

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