I screwed up

by Jon Sullivan - 2023-03-06 - Stories

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I think the universe is telling me I need contacts.

One of the main problems I've had here in Oregon is my glasses fogging up. I long ago solved the PPE mask foggy glasses problem by finding the right mask. But what I'm talking here about is fogging while out taking photos. And yes, I know all the tricks, but they don't work when you are in the rain, and hiking up steep hills for miles, and are super fat like I am. Morning walkies can also fog things up when it's muggy out. Last weekend it all came to a head when I checked out a new place with nice hiking trails and four waterfalls. My glasses were already wet from the rain and after a particularly steep uphill trail section they just completely fogged over and I had to take them off and make my way back on a dangerous muddy trail. These were prescription glasses which I need to do things like focus at all, or drive legally. The ground was all blurry and there are mudslides here and there. It was bad enough that I had to use my tripod as a walking pole. Of course, at some point, I dropped the glasses without noticing.

I backtracked a couple times but couldn't find them. No backup glasses. I'm screwed. I'd only taken a few photos - 14 in total. Most days like this I'd get in about 150. But continuing to wander around on muddy trails in the woods wasn't a safe option, even as insane as I am, so I drove home. Slowly. Trying to keep plenty of distance between myself and other cars. I couldn't read street signs. Couldn't read the navigation map. If it wasn't for voice nav I don't know if I would have been able to get back to the freeway without help. So..... I have an appointment for new glasses tomorrow.

This fogging crap is not going to work. It's been a problem too many times here. And I REFUSE to limit my adventures due to weather. So I'm thinking contacts are the best option. Never had them. Never tried them. They sound awful and gross. And there is this from the FDA - "Wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop very quickly and can be very serious. In rare cases, these conditions can cause blindness.". And I'd need two prescriptions. And the increased cost. And the pain in the ass they are to use and care for. And I'd need the pricy multifocal ones.

But I don't see another option. My glasses are keeping me from great photos. That's not okay. Not sure what I'm going to do.

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Diane Diggins
2023-03-07 12:05:26 :
I've never worn contacts, but my cousin wore them. As she got older she decided they were way too much trouble, so she switched to regular glasses.

First thing I would do is buy two pairs of regular glasses and keep one in the glove box so if you drop the pair you're wearing into a mud hole, you'll at least have another pair in the car so you can get home safely.

You've probably researched contacts, but I have read that there are bifocal contacts that are weighted at the bottom so they stay in place with the bifocal part on the bottom. My cousin did find right from the beginning that she couldn't wear them all day because they were too uncomfortable after a few hours.

Would one of those plastic face shields like medical professionals were wearing during the worst of the Covid thing help keep your glasses from fogging up? Why don't you get one and try it on your walks to see how it works? Thinking about that it occurs to me you might need one with windshield wipers...drat!

Diane Diggins
2023-03-10 12:10:45 :

Something else occurs to me: do you have renter's insurance? If so, it might cover the replacement value of the glasses that you lost on the trail. Might be worth looking into getting it if you don't have it...it could also insure your camera equipment and other possessions.

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