My 2019 best photos

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-12-31

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I didn't get a whole lot of photography done this year, but what I did get in was pretty good.

Here's a link to the gallery of my best photos taken in 2019, as judged by me.

I think the ones I like most are the many studio/still life photos I did. Lots of flowers, toys, food, pepper grinders..... There's something very rewarding about having complete control over light and composition. And not having to travel for them is nice too. Just get ambitious, find some random thing around the apartment, and suddenly you have a great photo. Perfect for my hermit style.

I do wish I'd spent more time doing water drop photos. I think I need to make that a to-do list item for 2020. More food photos too. I got plenty of good ones this year, but now that the blog is back I want to do more recipes. And more recipes means more food photos. I suppose it means more delicious food as well. Yeah..... I really should be cooking more interesting things.

The Oregon coast trip was full of great photos. My goal had been to get photos of huge waves, but I go exactly zero of those. I still had a great vacation though. And even if I had gotten the 1-2 massive waves photos I wanted, the other stuff I captured likely would have been better. I suppose Oregon is just that sort of place. It's also cold and wet and muddy. Good as a vacation, not so much as a lifestyle.

The Utah trip got a lot of bucket list photos finally captured. It was really a Vegas vacation as well. Tons of good photos and special moments. And doing a big road trip with epic traveler Marilee was special. Sister got married too I guess. Last wedding I will ever photograph, I can assure you. Way too stressful.

The Montana trip had great photos of course. Still very grateful for them putting up with me being self-indulgent the whole time.

No idea where I want my photography to go this year. Other than the Belgium trip obviously. I'm sort of souring on Borrego Springs now that too many people seem to have discovered it. Getting back to Sequoia might be fun. I do need to get out and spend more time on San Diego stuff.

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Mike McKay
2019-12-31 09:31:58 : All worthy of hanging in a prestigious art gallery IMHO. In an age where everyone is / believes they are a semi-professional photographer, it is hard to stand out in the crowd.... you accomplish that hands down! One question for you though... how did you get the scorpion to stay still for you in the waterdrop image?

Jon Sullivan
2019-12-31 09:39:18 : Mike - Thanks for that. That's actually a mirror ball rather than a water drop. And the scorpion is a huge statue. Need to try that one again.

Mike McKay
2019-12-31 10:20:27 : Ok, I see it now... if you crop it closer to the bottom and remove what I assume is the base for the mirror ball, you can claim it is a water droplet and you have learned how to train scorpions.

Marilee Harrison
2019-12-31 10:27:55 : I think your photos are epic Jon and I love being present when your passion for your photography grabs you.

Jon Sullivan
2019-12-31 10:38:30 : Mike - The more impressive feat will be getting the photo right. Just getting the Milky Way in focus is the goal. It will involve stacking a dozen or so macro photos, which I'll need to somehow get in a minute or less. In the dark.

Thanks Marilee.

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