WoW Classic? Nope.

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-08-28 - Gaming

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I play World of Warcraft instead of being a responsible adult too many hours a week. Since launch. But going back to Vanilla? Ick.

I really didn't plan to have the relaunch of my blog in the same week Blizzard relauched Vanilla. That was a good chuckle when I noticed it this morning. But to anyone wondering, no, I won't be playing it. The temptation is there, and I suppose if I was bored I might log in once. But I have things to do that are much more tempting, like doing dailies in BFA.

As someone who played through it all I just don't get the arttraction. But I suppose if you never played it you may not realize how much better the current game is. Let's look at some nightmares from those "good old days".

  • Single tagging only. So you'll need to fight over spawns and hope you click first. Which you won't.
  • 40 person raids and no LFG tool. Good luck with that, no matter how full the servers are.
  • No mounts at all till you level. Enjoy that 30 minute run to Booty Bay.
  • Endgame oasis. Once you get to max level there is no content outside of raids.
  • Everything is in your bags. And stacks were tiny. Hunter arrows for the lose.
  • Gold was actually rare and hard to get. Gold farmers ftw.

    On and on.

    I like WoW the way it is now and I'm still doing plenty in BFA to keep me busy. So no. I have very fond memories of Vanilla but I don't think redoing that content would be as good as the first time. And the early reporting on the launch makes it sound really bad. Three hour queue times. Several second lag. Sure, maybe that's the way it actually was back then. That doesn't seem like a good selling point though.

    And it will never really be the same. We had Thottbot, you kids these days have WowHead. Back in my day we actually had to figure stuff out. Like what causes Ony to deep breath? Every guild I went in with had a different theory. All were wrong. One raid leader said it was total healing. So the healers had to heal everyone as little as possible. True story.

    I love the old TV ads. But those were Burning Crusade.

    And.... I've rambled too long. Need to get back to the REAL WoW.

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