Jon is rich

by Jon Sullivan - 2022-11-20 - Status

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One of my currencies, how I measure my value, is how many great photos I'm taking.

I never want to be a professional photographer. But my photography is an essential part of how I measure the state of my life. As a hobby it comes and goes, expands and contracts. But when my life is in a place where I can be taking lots and lots of good photos, I feel that's when I'm living the good life. That's when my fortune is growing. It's a creative thing of course, but it's also a numbers game. And here in Oregon the photos are coming so fast I have to set aside more and more time to get them processed. Right now I have two sessions I haven't even gotten out of the camera yet.

And I'm barely even trying. It's just that everywhere I go I keep seeing one composition after another. If photos are currency, if they are part of how I measure my value, I am in a land of gold.

I remember back around 2004 when I first got a DSLR and it was just like this. Photos that needed to be taken were everywhere. Sadly most of those were lost due to my own crappy backup solution. But I remember feeling so full and rich and accomplished. 2018 felt that way too. But it was mostly Ireland and Oregon vacations. Not home. I had to travel to find the currency.

Now that I live in Oregon all the puzzle pieces are finally in place. I look out my window and see photos that need to be created and shared. And walking to get the mail. And driving to the store. And on and on. I took some frost photos this morning. Right outside my door. It felt like wealth. It felt like value. It felt like my life was in the right place at the right time. I know I drone on and on about it, but I am so happy here. I don't even know how I got here. I don't know why, other than I felt like it was the only option. "Move to Oregon Jon. Your best life is there. You will see. Just pack up and go. Don't even think." I felt like I must. And to see that insane irresponsible whimsy pay off so well and so constantly feels incredible. Do all the adventures, take all the photos, eat all the food.

I'm behind here on so many things. I still need to go fishing. Still need to go camping. Still need to explore Eugene. So many sunrise and sunset opportunities to get dialed in. Still need to find a local I can walk to. Need to get my cooking back on track. Get a schedule for housekeeping sorted, decide on snow tires, organize for cooking out of the car. Still need to learn some life skills that have atrophied the last 25 years. Like socializing and doing things with friends. That's a whole new world, challenge, adventure that I have no idea how to even start on. Marilee is helping. That's another blessing, having her life-help again. Several concerts on the calendar, but I need to research local events more. So much.

San Diego got stale years ago. But there was still some few specific things that filled the "joy on tap" requirement. But here "joy on tap" is just going anywhere and doing anything. It feels insane. I'm that happy. Maybe it's just the contrast of seclusion vs adventure. There is still more. The same way I felt a pull to come here, I feel Oregon is just getting started with currency. Many more riches to be discovered.

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