Mac the knife

by Jon Sullivan - 2021-12-09 - Food

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When I was young my parents had a very nice Japanese Mac knife that I remember with fondness. Or maybe I'm imagining that, since it was so long ago.

But with those years decades in the past, all that's left of them are memories and a few mementos. What is reality now, since memories are usually a distorted version of real events. Am I imagining the knife? Do I have the context wrong? The "real" reality is long gone and can't ever be again. In some metaphysical sense, is my likely flawed memory the actual reality now? If that's so, what if a journal or faded photo turned up? Would reality change?

The real question I suppose is why anyone would waste time wondering about the objective nature of reality in the past. It's just playing with words.

Oh...... Knives. That was the point. Sorry.....

My set of kitchen knives is pretty small. A large santoku I use for almost everything, a flexible fillet knife non-straight cutting, and an ultra sharp ceramic knife for finicky cuts.

Since I cook a lot you'd rightly assume I have some expensive knives that I keep razor sharp. Since good tools make the work easier, and chefs are picky about knives. But you'd be wrong. Most of my knife work in the kitchen gets done with a crappy KitchenAid santoku I bought years ago in a bargain bin. I just checked the current price on Amazon. $15. It's trash. The tip is broken off since the metal is so cheap, and it will never get really sharp. But you'd never worry about treating it with care, since it's fast food priced rather than Top Chef. Which is nice I guess?

Still.... Maybe it's time for a big boy knife. And there is that fondness for my parent's (real or imagined) Mac knife. So now I have one. A knife way better than I need that will require care and maintenance forever. And does the exact same thing my cheap knife does.

Imagination leads us down strange paths.

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