by Jon Sullivan - 2021-12-07 - Gaming

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We are just drops of life on this earth. In our finite time upon it, we can choose to make it a better place, that all who call it home now and in the future may abide in happiness.

But.... No one's life is without it's darkness. So.... to live is to suffer. And in suffering find strength, and purpose. And hope. As we have done so many times before. We pursue an impossible dream, yet knowing that, we pursue it nevertheless. And on that journey we learn to depend on others, as they learn to trust they can depend on us. We dream that the fires of fear and despair that burn in our hearts might burn no more. And, from their ashes, might grow the light of hope, warm and pure. And so it shall.

Your FF14 Friends Really Need Your Support Right Now

"I don't think you can really understand what Final Fantasy 14 players are going through right now if you aren't one. The launch of a new expansion is a stressful, overwhelming time, and there hasn't been an MMO expansion as monumental or important as Endwalker since at least 2008's Wrath of Lich King, if ever. [...] On top of that, FF14 is at its peak right now. Thanks to years of quality content releases and the steady decline of WoW, FF14 is more popular than it's ever been. Endwalker isn't a normal bi-annual expansion either - it's the culmination of an eight-year storyline that began with the relaunch of FF14, all the way back in 2013. This is one of the biggest moments in MMO history, and you need to be prepared for the fallout."

My eyes are literally sore from crying. Yet my heart is so filled with joy and hope. Since I'm Jon, I blasted through the expansion. Without skipping cutscenes of course. It was incredible. It was massive. There were some few things that maybe could have been done better of course. But overall I have to give it an 11/10.

Each expansion has had it's core "deep thoughts" theme. Heavensward dug deeply into questions about politics and class struggle. Stormblood forced the player to think about big brain economic dilemmas. Shadowbingers was a constant struggle to define and redefine apparently obvious dualities - Light vs dark, good vs evil. Hero vs villain. Endwalker was about the meaning for life. The reasons to live on in the face of fear and loss and despair. It was about a drop of hope assailed by a river of despair.

I'm not going to suggest anyone start playing. Because I'd insist you start at the beginning. And you'd have to play for weeks or months just to get to the current expansion. I'm certainly glad I did. Maybe you would be as well. But...... oh man is it a loooooong slog. And your feels will be burned the hell out doing it all at once. But...... if you do. Don't skip. Please. Please don't skip. Just don't. Please.

"After a few days or weeks, your FF14 player will start to slow down and enter what's referred to as 'maintenance mode'. At this point they should start to reintegrate into society by returning to work and reconnecting with friends and family, only playing video games during their freetime like a normal person. It should be safe to leave them to their own devices at this point, with just the occasional check-in during quarterly patches to make sure their human needs are being met."

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