Dinosaur crabs in amber

by Jon Sullivan - 2021-10-21

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Very often when I feel I need some warm comfort I turn to homemade chicken soup. Comforting food for my soul.

So I find myself making chicken soup rather a lot lately. Comfort food and all that. As someone who has always put complete faith in science, 2021 America is pretty much anti-comforting. I feel like the last five years have been a full frontal assault on my comfort. We've gone from anti-intellectual to anti-science to anti-vax to anti-truth. Today I found anti-math staring me in the face. This is how far we've fallen. There is no need to actually "do the math". Just look at numbers and go with your gut. It makes me feel physically ill. I need some chicken soup.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. I suppose that's how it snuck up on us the last few years.

Among my core values I've always held understanding to be vital. So don't just dismiss people who seem wrong. Try to understand their side. Not accept, but at least try to understand the why and the how of their thinking and actions. How does one get to an interpretation of reality where the Earth can be flat? How does one derive comfort in their own poverty from the vast wealth of those keeping them in poverty? How do we even get the Spanish Inquisition (and modern versions of the same) when their every action goes against their Savior? How do you torture math to the point where 1 in a million is more likely than 1 in a thousand? How do you equate the study of Sociology to Communism?

Person Woman Man Camera TV Covfefe Qanon. I want to understand. I try. But you're wearing me down America.

I need some chicken soup. I need some logic. I need some science. I need a science IV drip, on a stand with wheels that I can drag around with me.

Four-fermion condensates breaking time-reversal symmetry? Yes!!!!!! YES YES YES!!! Pump it into my veins. Now. More more more. Organic-inorganic halide perovskites helping reverse climate change? Yes!!!!! I need it. Hemispherical differentiation in Europan ice plumes??? Again yes!!! 100 million year old dinosaur crabs in amber....? I mean.... Sure!!!! Bring it on!!!

I need some chicken soup.

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