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by Jon Sullivan - 2022-06-30 - Travels

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I'm resisting the need to get mad about all the anti-American crap happening to America. It's too much when I need to trim stuff now.

It's too much for me, and I'm too old. So I certainly feel plenty of rage about it all. But I'm not going to spend time here ranting about it. At 59 I need to be living my best life while I still have life to live. I did my protests, I marched, I donated, I screamed. I persuaded. And I still listen, still care. Still weep over it all. But it needs to be the youth now. It's a new war, and it will likely be won after I'm dead. So I've embraced a "joy on tap" lifestyle. Not apathy. But not yelling in the street either. Good luck kids, you have my hopes in your hands.

Rest assured, Jon is 100% pro-choice. Very supportive of LGBTQ in all it's beautiful forms. Not anti-gun at all, but very anti second ammendment. I cheer for the "she said" changes, and hope everyone will eventually. Very supportive of BLM. Very pro immigrant. I support higher taxes for the rich, socialized medicine, unions, all inclusive voting rights. I loathe the DNC, but love Elizebeth Warren.

So you all fight that fight. I'll cheer you on.

But for me "best life" is my full to-do list now. So I'll be in Oregon, on the beach, catching dungeness crabs and cooking them up right there. I'll be standing beside a lake near Mt Hood at 1am in the pitch dark trying to frame the milky way over the volcano with all of it reflected in the still lake. I'll be in Portland, trying to find the best Thai Mexican fusion taco place. I'll be at the coast, standing shoulder to shoulder with 20 other photographers trying to capture the same perfect wave. I'll finally meet Nick Page and shake his hand. I'll be alone, in my little hobbit hole, trying to learn to (finally) sing Lake Street Dive's "What I'm Doing Here" in one complete take. I'll be finding wonderful new people. Wonderful new adventures. Wonderful new photos. Wonderful new food.

I'm heading to Oregon with no agenda and no limits. I've been 25 years in San Diego, it was a truly incredible phase in my life. But now it's time for a new phase. A fresh start. Not reinventing myself, but more just trying to exhaust the place. Go all the places, photograph all the things, eat all the food. As I do. So let's have it Oregon, show it to me, challenge me.

So.... you all know how I feel about current events. You all know what I believe and why I believe it. But I need to have it pass to younger hands. I need to let those angers drip away, like the cold Oregon wet off my new Patagonia rain gear.

It's a real place. And I will just go there. And it will be wonderful.

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