The walkies problem

by Jon Sullivan - 2022-10-04 - Status

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Jon needs easy two and three mile walkies routes to use at 4am. This is harder than it sounds.

In North Park it was easy. That's a very old neighborhood and back in olden times they just made everything in an easy to navigate and remember grid. But I'm in a new-ish suburb here. Which means they make the streets twist all over the place with many deadends. It's that way on purpose. Grids are better for walkies, twisting cul-de-sacs are better for people to drive quickly and avoid riff-raff. So my walkies the first week here have been largely getting lost combined with not walking far enough.

Another problem is that if you are out walking at 4am in a place designed to have people not walk there, you look like a criminal, and everyone is frightened. People will cross the street to avoid being near me. Cars will stop in the middle of the road and watch me. Yes, really.

The original plan was to just walk around the park across the street several times. But it's smaller than I thought and I'd have to go around a dozen times or something. Which would require too much concentration, making it a non-starter. My walkies time is spent listening to podcasts, or contemplating the Stoic virtues, or working out whether there is a logical and objective basis for human pleasure and how it relates to my goal here of "best life". I'm not counting circuits.

I have a 2 mile loop now. But a 3 mile one is eluding me so far. I could just walk it twice and do 4 miles sometimes. But that's just too much time. I do need to get back, eat my OMAD, and start my work day. Three is about as long as I can do without getting up earlier. And damn it, 4am is early enough.

Another problem here is that I'm counting on using the apartment complex gym. And they have after hours access, but it only goes from 8am to 10pm. So that won't be open at 4am or any time close. I'll ask them if they can program my key fob to let me in at 4, but I doubt they'll allow that. Everyone in the office is super helpful. But as a security pro(ish) I'd never start allowing exceptions like that. Having a good security policy, and then just poking random vulnerabilities in it is dumb.

I'll make it work. No doubt I am making a big deal out of something easy. As I do. Next task list item to over-think - The awful kitchen.

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