Good Mythical Morning

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-11-08 - Gaming

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As an American wanting no part of any political discussion that's happened in the last 10 years, it's nice to have a reliable daily dose of something non-awful

For me, the YouTube channel "Good Mythical Morning" has been a daily source of entertainment for several years now. I trust it to be something I can feel good about in depressing times. And something void of haters, politics, and fake news. In 2019 USA, that is rare. The hosts, life-long friends Rhett & Link, vaguely model the show on their personal philosophy of "mythicality" which they define as :

"The quality or state of being that embodies a synergistic coalescence of curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery, ideally experienced in the context of friendship and intended to bring goodwill to the universe."

I love the show, but I love their story even more. They met the first day of first grade, drawing mythical animals, and have been together ever since. As kids they made a blood pact to stay together and create wonderful content. They grew up in the same small town, dated the same girls, went to the same college and graduated together, wrote screenplays, played in a band. And they stuck together in an industry where I feel many are quick to sell out their friends.

Through it all they seem to have maintained the, perhaps naive, ideal to be best friends and play together. That silly blood pact has made them both rich and famous. And one of the reasons I love the show so much is that the fame and fortune has come without the fighty, sensationalist, gossipy grand drama drivel that has made so many other Internet celebrities rich. There is no pointing fingers, no taking sides, no sensationalizing just for views, no catastrophization, no scandals, no conspiracy, no spam. Just shenanigans intended to bring goodwill to the universe.

Every day I get to share in that life-long friendship. That makes me happy. It helps keep me grounded in good things.

Some of my favorite episodes :

"How to Talk to Girls" - Not particularly good advice for young men not sure how to approach women.
"The Safest Way to Walk" - You thought you knew how to walk to avoid being mugged. You were apparently wrong.
"What's On My Head?" - Let's put things on our heads and try and guess what they are. With a neuroscientist.
"Blind Soup Taste Test" - Featuring the "spank". And soup on Link's Chin.
"Will It Pretzel? Taste Test." -"Your wife can hang out with me anytime!"
"Cockroach Cuddling Challenge" - Featuring credentialed Cuddle Queen Jean.
"Giant Human Chocolate Fountain" - Which is just what it says on the tin.

Anything with Cotton Candy Randy.

I think at this point we can completely give up on Google (or any other US company big enough to do business in China, which seems like an important criteria to me these days) embracing "don't be evil" as a real motive. So it's nice to be able to count on GMM to bringing me Mythicality every day.

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