The Ireland story - Part 5

by Jon Sullivan - 2020-02-25 - Travels

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The time travel incident.

The 5th day of the Ireland trip was suppose to be Marilee and I, along with team Sharon, doing a deep dive into stone circles on Beare peninsula. But Sharon was tired and shagged out after a long squawk a harrowing drive from Dublin over Connor Pass. So Marilee and I decided to do it on our own.

I had about 6 circles on the map, though I doubted we'd get to all of them. First stop was Uragh Stone Circle. This was too beautiful for words. It's obvious why they built it there thousands of years ago. Because it is simply the best place in the world for a stone circle. But we had a tight schedule. So as a bus of noisy tourists pulled up, we headed out.

My research on the next circle showed that it might have a trail, but there was a thick pine plantation between the road and the circle.

We find the parking area, but there are several trails going in all directions and none of them are marked. We pick one and head out. While I'm old, fat and slow, Marilee is young and fit. So she hikes on ahead while I linger here and there and take photos. The photo here shows where the road I'm on just ends, and how dark the forest was. Marilee is nowhere in sight. I check GPS and the circle seems to be 40 yards to the right if I just head into the trees. So I do that and get about half way before I realize the woods are too thick and I can't get through. Imagine being attacked by the woods. No way I could get through, so I backtrack. There's also barbed wire and walls and hidden ditches. But I fight my way around and finally make it to the circle.

It's an incredible circle with a massive three stone alignment as well. And just a little ways down the hill I can see a second stone circle, while up the hill I see another alignment and possible third circle. This is....... Well, it's crazy. Three stone circles all together on top of a hill. But where the heck is Marilee???

So I text her and say I'm at the circle. She texts back and says so is she. I look around. No Marilee. I explain that she must be in the wrong place, because I'm actually in the middle of THREE circles and I don't see her at any of them. She replies back, so is she. Ummmmm....... WTF? I wander around looking. No Marilee. She's doing the same, no Jon.

This is all about 40 yards from the end of the road we were both on. And it's been about 20 minutes since I last saw her. No way one of us could have accidentally wandered into the next valley or something.

So we're obviously standing in the exact same place, but we can't see each other? This goes on for a while. "Just come to the circle!" "I AM AT THE CIRCLE!!!!" The only cause we can think of is time travel. We were at the same stone circle, but in different time lines.

Next post for the rest of the day's story.

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2020-02-25 08:39:08 : I've never heard this story and I have the most intense chills all over. Whoa.

And I didn't squawk. I might have been shrill.

Jon Sullivan
2020-02-25 08:41:07 : It was quite a day. This is a very abbreviated version of what we did. And the day is only half over here.

Marilee Harrison
2020-02-25 21:12:04 : Oh this was a day of pure magic!

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