Surveying the aftermath

by Jon Sullivan - 2021-03-14

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Yesterday I actually went outside to check on the plague scarred post-revolution landscape. Qualcomm stadium is gone. Like..... gone.....

I think we're finally seeing how the pandemic will end. Not suddenly by Trumpian magic. But more of a slow burnout as the folks who are eager to get vaccinated do so, but the anti-vax death cult drags it all out forever. Sure, now that a rational adult is president we COULD vaccinate everyone. We COULD finally see the payoff of all the masks and lockdowns. But we won't. Because the choice is to make vaccinations compulsory, or just give up and watch people die so we can avoid confronting stupidity.

It's not really even a choice though. We've already given up. Texas is literally suing in court to shut down mask mandates. Florida is waving in maskless crowds from around the country so they can fill up nightclubs. We aren't trying to eradicate the virus. We're incubating it.

Trump taught a lot of ugly lessons about who we are as a nation. And the anti-science, anti-expert attitude he championed is now going to screw us. We as a nation are proudly Dunning-Kruger. 40% of us say we aren't getting vaccinated. Because putting UV lights in our lungs or injecting ourselves with bleach somehow makes more sense than just getting vaccinated.

I hope I'm wrong. But that hope seems naive.

So... yeah..... Yesterday I left the house and did "normal" stuff. Gassed up the car, did some shopping in an actual store. Rather than a world determined to end the virus, I feel like I saw a world determined to NOT end it. A world where we'd rather see 1000 people a day die needlessly than confront anti-vaxxers.

Maybe 100 years from now humans will look back and wonder what it was like to have a sense of taste. And think, wouldn't it have been nice if our great grandparents had believed more in science and less in Satanic pedo gangs in Congress.

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