Sunny and 75 in San Diego

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-09-30 - Jonism

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One of the best reasons to put up with the crazy housing prices in San Diego is the perfect year round weather.

While climate change has thrown us a few curve balls the last few years, the weather in San Diego is pretty much always sunny and 75. Sure, we'll get a few days of rain a year. Sure, sometimes it will get under 50F at night in the winter. Sure, we have June gloom where the marine layer clouds (fog really) last until mid day. But if you ever want to go to the beach in San Diego it's very likely sunny and 75. Probably with a light refreshing breeze. Year round. I love that.

Having grown up in Montana, I know what bad winters are like. And I never want to live that way again. Slipping on ice. Wading through slush. Having to plug my car in. The requirement to own an "ice scraper". Shoveling snow even though you did it yesterday. Frozen water pipes. Windshields chipped and cracked so often you just live with it. Snow tires. Mud, everywhere. But mostly just the concept. Winter as an inevitable thing that you need to plan and prepare for.

Funny story. When I first moved from Montana to Southern California I got pulled over by the cops three times for having a crack in my windshield. It's illegal here. The first time I just laughed at the cop and suggested he must be mistaken. He seemed to not appreciate my argument of "every windshield in Montana is cracked" as he handed me the $75 ticket. Then I got pulled over two more times before I could get it to the shop.

And one might wonder...... How the hell do these cops see such cracks driving down a SoCal freeway with literally 300,000 other cars? My guess is they see a license plate from a state with winter and just pull them over knowing there will be cracks.

No. I don't want to do winter. Sunny and 75 in San Diego. Sunny and 75 in San Diego. Sunny and 75 in San Diego.

But this presents a dilemma. I should have enough to retire comfortably. But just barely, and not with SD housing prices. So I need to move to someplace more fixed income friendly. Not a fan of hot summers either. Which means either Florida or places with winter. And since Florida will be underwater in a few decades, my choices come down to places that are either too hot or too cold.

Hawaii? Too expensive. Portland? Rain and snow. Key West? Underwater soon. Arkansas? Too hot. New Orleans? Hot bug apocalypse. Texas? LOL Texas, heh, right. South Carolina? Both too hot and too cold. Arizona? Too hot.

At this point I'm sort of just giving up. My retirement will include weather. Ick.

Cheyenne, Wyo? Des Moines, Iowa? Fort Wayne, Ind?

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