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by Jon Sullivan - 2022-07-02 - Stories

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In my mind's eye I have a photo I need to take. Getting it will require some massive logistics.

The photo is of some Oregon trout cooking over a fire next to a high mountain lake with butter, shallots and fresh herbs. That as the foreground, then the lake and mountains as the background. That would be a cool photo. I must take it.

But if I list all the things that need to happen first, just to get that one photo, it's a dauntingly long list.

I need to actually be there and catch the fish and have the lake/mountains be photogenic. So I need to find a lake that fits the composition. A quick search reveals slim prospects. So just finding it will be hard.

And to catch the fish I need a ton of stuff I don't have. Pole, gear and reel. Waders and floatie. License. Knife, kreel, packable kitchen. Maybe camping gear. Bug spray? Something to keep butter and shallots fresh on a hot hike?

But to even use the fishing gear I need to get to the lake. Which will be a long hard hike. Which I'm too out of shape for right now. Sure, strenuous 3 mile walkies in the morning are easy. But 3 miles of bad trails and 1k elevation gain? Maybe with waders and a kitchen??? I need to get in shape. Or no photo.

Getting all that gear and then not trying it at all until I'm miles from civilization would be dumb. So I need some easy fishing test runs. So research that as well.

I haven't fished for over 30 years. I've grown used to the city and having fish in nicely wrapped and cleaned portions. So... stupid as it sounds for someone raised to fish... I need to relearn fishing.

And I need to actually get set up and organized for it. Even once I'm there the Oregon move will involve lots of unpacking and settling in. Not to mention waiting for lakes to thaw. So getting ready to actually do it will require more planning and timing. The weather has to be right. I'll need to be ready to head out at any time.

The move itself hasn't had much planning yet. Need to figure out how to even get me and all my shit up there. Get a mover? Rent a truck? How much am I even bringing?

As well as just getting rid of all the junk and packing what's left. I have a lot to get rid of. I'm getting rid of way more than I'm keeping. So do that, or no photo.

There is a photo I'll take a year from now. I can see it in my mind. And for the next twelve months my time will be stretched thin trying to do all the things required just to be there and click the shutter. All my plans and work will be leading me, step by step, to that singular spot at just the right time.

Sometimes being Jon is such a pain in the ass.

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Michael Kindig
2022-07-04 22:57:01 : Lincoln City is on the coast and near Devil’s Lake. Greg lives in Falls City and my sister lives in Madras. Ashland is nice…plus they have the Shakespeare Festival. Don’t speed and try to stay in the right-most lane—especially with CA plates.

Michael Kindig
2022-07-04 23:20:45 : Silver Falls State Park

…is worth a couple of visits.

Jon Sullivan
2022-07-05 03:31:17 : Good tips Michael. Thank you. Right now the focus is on something central to lots of adventure. Sort of a hub and spoke strategy. And Silver Falls for sure. Been there once, but you'll soon all get tired of seeing it.

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