Bitter cold

by Jon Sullivan - 2022-12-19 - Status

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Other than the obvious snow here and there, Oregon weather has been pretty mild.

This weekends adventure was a mini road trip which was a bit of a dry run for a longer road trip next weekend where I'll be tracking down, hopefully, some big waves during the king tides. But the spot I'll be heading to is called Cape Disappointment, so we'll see how it goes. One issue is that unlike all other weather reports in Oregon, the king tides schedule seems to be very accurate. So the day is likely to be 100 photographers with tripods trying to fit into a few square feet. Get there way early and just sit in the car I guess. Or.... maybe camp, need to look into that.

The weather was not what I had been warned about however. Warm cap, medium jacket, no problem. It's becoming obvious the bitter cold winters I remember from Montana aren't going to be a problem here. Perhaps in rare outings to the mountains. Some of the passes. I did see 18 degrees on the drive, but I was cozy and warm in my car. For the most part the weather just hasn't been an issue yet. Once I get to the adventures requiring snowshoes I'll have to spend more time on gear tests. So far I think I overspent, but what did I know? Better to be over stocked that freezing I suppose. And it is very interesting how fast I've acclimatized to the cold. In San Diego I would cancel plans if it was going to be 45 degrees.

Of course another priority on the trip was giving the new camera a proper workout. It's proving it's worth. Shots like today's would have been crap with the old A7R3. The color depth and larger file size just make more things possible. Especially on the dark dreary days Oregon is famous for. The focus system is vast and I'm still working out how I want that best set up. Adobe finally updated the camera profile so I can go back to not saving a jpeg every time. And there are a ton of new features I haven't gotten to yet. I still need to set up a proper studio here as well. Who knows when I'll find the time for that. I suppose it will come with cooking more since I'll have to show off my food in it's best light.

These day trip adventures are starting to become habit, and a happy making one. Just get in the car and go. It will take me years to feel like I've put a dent in it here. I haven't even gotten started on proper sunset and sunrise photos. Mountain lakes. Agriculture. So many possibilities. This is a lifestyle I can settle into. And each weekend makes it a bit more comfortable.

So...... "sunny and 45" is the new sunny and 75. The excuses to not head out the door on adventures are gone. The social anxiety is gone. The hatred of weather is gone. Now it's just me and my photos and adventures.

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