SD Beer Week 2019

by Jon Sullivan - 2019-10-21

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Events are starting to trickle in. We're going to need a spreadsheet to organize all this good stuff.

San Diego Beer Week is one of my favorite events in a city with tons of events. Rare beers, food pairings, keep the glass, special dinners, on and on. This year's is looking pretty epic so far. Everyone seems to be waiting until the last week to post events, which is annoying. But I have a few locked in. Taking at least a couple of days off from work for it. Hoping to make all the events below at a minimum.

Saturday might actually be devoted to the "Golden Mile" pub crawl. Which is an all day endurance event. And I need to devote several hours to my annual trek to the beloved Public House La Jolla. Here's a partial list so far.

Nov 2, Beer Geek Brunch w/ Mikkeller -
"We'll have a host of coffee infused imperial stouts as and we'll even have our signature cold brew coffee in nitrogen"

Nov 2, Escondido Tamale Festival -
"Award winning Traditional, Gourmet, BBQ Smoked, Banana Leaf Wrapped, Oaxacan, Dulce, Vegetarian Tamales & more. Craft Beer, Wine & Spirit Garden with live music"

Nov 3, Pure Project Sour Sunday, keep the glass -
"Purchase our Roes Red Stemware and a full pour of any barrel aged sour that's on tap for $15."

Nov 3, Abnormal Beer Co. and Venissimo Cheese Pairing -
"There will be 5 beers, 5 cheese, and a few surprises along the way." (Jon - Venissimo's beer pairings are really good)

Nov 4, Abnormal Dinner Series with Wild Barrel and Lionfish -
"6 course dinner & beer pairing" (Jon - menu for this looks incredible)

Nov 5, Duck Foot Grilled Cheese Pairing -
"Our Third Grilled Cheese Pairing event is here!!" (Jon - Last year's was incredible)

Nov 6, Abnormal Beer Co. Cellar Bottle Pours -
"Rare and vintage Abnormal bottles we have been storing in our cellar."

Nov 6, Sweet & Savory Tasting -
"Sweet & Savory tasting experience of beer infused food featuring Scoops On Tap and a local restaurant"

Nov 6, Beer & Donut Pairing w/ Nomad's Donuts -
"Decadence-filled, guilt-free zone."

Nov 6, Beer & Burger Pairing w/ Baby's Burgers -
"Beer & Burger Pairing w/ Baby's Burgers."

Nov 7, Duck Foot Chocolate pairing -
"We'll be offering a self-guided tour of 4 handmade truffles that we've paired with 4 of our finest craft ales."

Nov 8, Cupcake & Beer Pairing with Daniela's Cupcakes -
"We've joined confectionary-forces with Daniela's Kitchen (seen on Food Network) for a gourmet cupcake and beer pairing"

Nov 9, London Calling versions, Duck Foot Brewing -
"We're bringing you five versions of one of our favorite beers for a truly memorable tap takeover!"

Nov 9, Nomad Donuts & Thorn Beer Pairing -
"We will be pairing three of our craft beers with three of their tasty donuts which they create specifically to pair with each beer."

Nov 10, Torrey Pines Beer Garden -
"With 28 breweries and 14 chefs, the Beer Garden is a truly unique and delicious food and beer pairing event."

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Marilee Harrison
2019-10-26 08:19:42 : I can hardly wait!

Jon Sullivan
2019-10-26 15:03:47 : We'll save you some.

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Got the archive section here done finally. Fires and power outages in CA haven't effected me. I doubt they will. I'm fairly close to downtown with no brush to wory about.
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